The day most definitely continued to be filled with high-intensity exciting ball games, here are the players that I found most impressive:

2020 6’4 Wing Jaden Scriven (17U Team Wall SE)

Scriven is a strong and athletic wing player, he uses his broad shoulders to shed defenders when he is attacking the basket. When he gets to his left hand, defenders are in trouble. In his second contest of the day, he splashed in a pair of threes with confidence. Scriven is not too flashy, he simply just gets the job done. He vertical jumping and one-step jumping ability is tremendous for a player his size, he is able to rise up and dunk off a drive-and-dish with ease. His athleticism/motor also helps him on the offensive glass. He definitely made a great impression today.

2020 6’2 Guard Chris Trevey (17U NC Spartans East)

Trevey is a shot taker and shot maker, he is fundamentally sound when he catches the ball. He continuously got defenders with a pump fake, then one/two dribble pull up. It was beautiful to watch, he was always on balance when he shot the ball. He filled up the scoring column for NC Spartans today, and easily knocked down the shot of the day. With 2 seconds left in regulation versus PSB Elite Brim, Trevey caught the ball 30 feet out of a screen and splashed a three in for the game at the buzzer.

2020 6’4 Guard Elan Muniz (17U NC Spartans West)

Shooter, Shooter,Shooter! Elan is knockdown, he was the main scoring option for his squad today and he delivered. He stayed aggressive in looking for his shot, and knocked down most of his open looks. He has pretty good size at 6’4, and he uses it to shoot over short close outs. Elan seems to always be in rhythm, never forcing the action he just lets the game come to him. With that being said, he is a player you do not want to leave open because he will burn you time and time again.

2020 6’4 Wing Nick Ford (17U Carolina Dream Team)

Ford can do it a little bit of everything, he was the leader for squad against NC Spartans West. He consistently made plays whether it was knocking down threes, finishing after strong drives, or giving effort on defense. He has a good IQ and knows his spots on the floor, his squad followed his lead on their way to a comeback victory.

2020 6’3 Guard Ty Hurst (Team Passion Elite 17U)

Hurst has just been pure entertainment so far, yesterday he went off for 51 points. Today he continued his scoring rein, he’s not the fastest, strongest, nor most athletic player on the floor. He just has a knack for putting the ball in the basket. He is the definition of a three level scorer, with a nice pull up jumper he keeps defenders guessing and on their heels. With any bit of daylight, Hurst will make you pay. I am interested to see who put an end to his scoring montage, it is definitely going to be tough.