For high school players interested in auditioning for a college scholarship, July is a very important month and Phenom Summer Havoc is the perfect location. It’s the live period, this is the time to prove yourself. This afternoon, we had a great deal of college coaches in attendance. Here is part one of my standouts from today’s action:

2019 6’4 Guard Trent McIntrye (17U New Light Disciples)

McIntrye was ultra-aggressive in New Light Disciples match up with Team Charlotte Herron, he created many opportunities for himself and his teammates. He is very comfortable operating in the mid-range and around the rim, he connected on multiple floaters and completed a pair of tough And-1 layups. I love how he plays, McIntrye is always going hard and in attack mode. Disciples have several players they look too, today McIntrye was the catalyst for them. He got the showing going this afternoon, in a very fast-paced game.

2020 6’2 PG Trevon Williams (17U DTA Elite)

Williams is dangerous in transition, he uses his speed and quickness to get defenders on their heels. His finishing and shot making ability was on full display today. In the open court, he is able to finish above the rim. Williams completed a pair of impressive alley oop jams today. Williams and backcourt mate Anthony Allen both have been making a lot of noise recently, both guards are dynamic and together are tough to contain. If I had to guess, I’d bet Trevon Williams name will continue to pop up more and more this live period.

2020 6’5 Wing Josh Wiggins (17U Team Charlotte Herron)

Wiggins showed very nice flashes today, he is a very good athlete showing his ability to finish well above the rim in transition. He also knocked down some spot up triples, if he starts to show he can make decisions off the dribble it would do wonders for his game. As of right now, he impacts the game by playing hard, running in transition, and crashing the offensive glass. He got so many layups today by just running the right lanes, it is very true that “the ball finds energy and effort.” Very solid showing for Wiggins today.

2019 5’7 PG DJ Thomas (17U NC Red Storm)

DJ Thomas is tough and fearless, being the smallest player on the floor doesn’t faze him one bit. He is strong and very quick, if allowed to get to his left hand he displayed the ability finish at the rim. What I took from his game the most is the energy that he plays with. He seems as if he does not get tired, he flys around the court on offense and defense. In a matchup with a DTA Elite squad that has been on fire as of late, Thomas and his Red Storm team came up short but he did not disappoint. I look forward to watching him play more this July.

2020 5’11 PG Anthony Allen (DTA Elite)

Allen has a calm and confident swagger about himself on the floor. He has a smooth jump shot and he is not shy about pulling the trigger if defenders play back on him. He is a player that can get hot, and go on scoring runs by himself. Although, he can fill it up he makes sure to get his teammates involved. Allen passes with flair, pin-pointing alley oop passes in transition and even throwing it off the glass. He is an excited young guard, if you watch him play more often than not you will be entertained.