Flight 22 Fayetteville

6'7 '19 BJ McLaurin- Somewhat between forward positions but was undeniably productive in this contest, finishing everything inside while working the glass on both ends of the floor. He utilized his length very well and was one of the most consistent players in this game from start to finish.


NC Empire Perry


5'10 '19 Daveon Vick- Was a solid point guard throughout, made plays for others and displayed a fairly high IQ when doing so. He scored the ball well on all three levels but didn't force the action.


6'0 '19 Antonio Dupree- Strong, athletic two-way wing who scores efficiently inside the arc, where he's able to finish through contact and finish his opportunities.


6'1 '19 Zageon Waldon- Tough wing prospect who scored well but consistently made plays without the ball, hitting the glass, hustling for 50-50 balls. The versatility he provides is huge for his team's success.