6'2 '21 Kylon Lewis (Upward Stars Richmond)
It was quite a week for Kylon Lewis, who was the unquestioned leader of this Upward Stars
Richmond squad, and watching him perform left us with numerous takeaways. He's a long-
armed guard that scored the ball at will, each and every game, and led this team in the point
totals from one day to the next. Lewis was one of the more polished scorers throughout this age
division and showed consistency from all three levels while also applying constant pressure in
transition. He handled the ball fairly often, but could still tighten his handle and add more
fluidity off the bounce. That being said, Lewis stayed true to his game and continuously forced
the ball downhill, getting to the rim and converting with regularity. It'll be interesting to see how
he builds his game going forward, especially given his strong scoring foundation.

6'3 '20 Gemini Kerns (Team Loaded)
There was a lot of shooting on display at Southern Jam, but few guys were able to match Gemini
Kerns' college-ready frame and consistency from distance. He's an off-guard with a big body,
but he's fairly swift and moves quite well around the floor, especially without the ball on
offense. Kerns fills a nice role on this team, but it's easily expanded once he heats up from
beyond the arc. He gets to his spots early and sets up his shot base quickly; his overall mechanics
and shot-fluidity are great. Kerns enjoyed a solid showing throughout the summer, but it feels
like he still has upside remaining, so we'll be watching his growth closely going forward.

6'5 '22 Chatham Lambiotte (Groundwork)
There were a lot of unselfish teams from the weekend, but none quite like this Groundwork team,
and Chatham Lambiotte was at the forefront of their success. The big man plays with a terrific
motor, flying up and down the floor on every possession whilst barreling down opponents when
filling the lane. This group consistently played through Lambiotte on offense, simply because
nobody could stop him from scoring inside the paint. If he'd miss, he would continue to rebound
the ball until finally securing the second-chance points. Lambiotte absolutely refused to leave
any points or rebounds on the table, but he also showed the willingness to make passes when
under duress. He plays with such amazing effort and has an incredible nose for the ball, so
finishing a game with a double-double is quite easy for him. Lambiotte is just a rising freshman,
so he still has plenty of time to grow into his position.

5'9 '22 Caden Bariglio (Groundwork)
His teammate, Caden Bariglio, joins the aforementioned Kerns as one of the top shooters at our
Southern Jam this week. Though small, Bariglio is able to take advantage of any opponent with
his ability to space the floor, both with or without the ball. Offensively, he's able to play as the
point guard and initiate offense, or bump off-ball and strictly hunt for open opportunities. When
Bariglio gets off a clean look, it's going in. He plays with a solid IQ, feel for the game, and
typically looks to make the correct read whenever possible. Bariglio is tougher than he looks and
showcased his ability to attack opposing defenses, especially in transition. He'll need to continue
adding strength in order to make an impact at the varsity level, but his shooting and unselfishness
should certainly help his cause.

6'1 '21 Robert McCray (Team USC)
Of all the young prospects mentioned in this article, it's likely that Robert McCray will end up
being the best of the group. He's already the most polished and physically advanced player on
this list, yet is just beginning his sophomore season at AC Flora. Right now, McCray is more of a
point guard, given his ability to break down opponents off the dribble and make plays inside the
arc. He can score or assist, based on whatever the defense allows, and shows leadership qualities
as the main playmaker. McCray is a well-rounded athlete that shows upside defensively; he
already does a solid job defending most guard prospects and could be even better if he continues
to grow. We saw McCray earlier this spring, and he played well, but now the young man seems
ready to take that next step in the near future.

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