Brian Sumpter

2025 Kaleb Evans (Lexington):

Evans was a name that Coach Pope told me about before the event and when watching him, he was right about the early intrigue with his game.  He is a 6’2 guard that plays with confidence, has good athleticism and feel, good body control that allows him to finish around defenders, but can be shifty and strong out in transition.  Evans really excelled early in creating off the dribble and attacking downhill, but also got to his spots well.

2025 Brian Sumpter (Keenan):

What is there not to like about a 6’7 versatile prospect who is built like a forward but has guard-like skills as well.  Sumpter is a very versatile prospect on the floor and impacts the game in an array of ways.  Watching him first at the SC Top 80 and then again over the weekend, you can see that he has really improved his feel for the game.  But with his length to be an impact down low, either scoring or on the defensive end, while also being able to step out, put the ball on the deck and create… very intriguing young man to watch out for.

2025 Hayden Assemian (Powdersville):

Assemian was a name we were familiar with, but it was great to get an updated viewing of the strong forward after averaging a doube-double this past season.  Assemian is a strong, physical prospect that has a really good feel down low in the paint, can be physical and drive through defenders, and really attacks the boards.  Really like his aggressive nature and presence, and how he finishes strong around the basket. He is a name to start learning more about if you haven’t already.

2025 Tristan Thompson (Wilson):

Thompson was one that we saw just a few weeks back but now we got a chance to watch him with his high school team.  And the intrigue is still there; he holds good size, is fluid on the floor, active from multiple levels, finishes well around the basket, but can also step out a little with his game.  Love his activity around the basket on both ends, as he should only continue to develop.

2025 Melvin Teal (Summerville):  

I only got a chance to watch Summerville for a little bit but was highly impressed with how they play; certainly a team to keep an eye on.  Teal was one of those young prospects that has a good 6’2 strong body, looks to attack and get into the paint, plays extremely hard, can finish at or around the rim, and really plays with a great motor.  With how strong he is at an early age, he can really be a physical presence on the court.