With the travel season in full swing, it’s an excellent time to look at some of the guys that have stood out over the last month or two. These are not rankings, nor do they resemble rankings in any way. We will have multiple installments coming out for this specific subject over the coming days. Now, let’s take a closer look…


6’8 Josh Hall (Moravian Prep/Team Loaded)

It should be no surprise to see Hall’s name here, as he’s simply taken the game by storm since reclassifying. He’s blown up in a major way since enrolling at Moravian Prep and has only continued trending upward with Team Loaded. For those that don’t know, Hall has always been an absolute monster on offense. Even when he was truly thin and a fairly normal sized kid (at the 2016 David Rose MDC), the natural feel and scoring prowess was still very evident. Hall’s been a dominant multi-dimensional scorer as long as we’ve been watching him play, but his abilities from all levels continue to expand over time. He’s driving the ball as often as ever while also posing as the most impressive perimeter shooter in the building. Hall has the IQ, size, skill, and necessary work ethic to play at the highest possible level in the collegiate ranks.


6’5 Josh Banks (Olympic/Team United)

Aside from the first name on this list, no one has seen a meteoric rise in their recruitment quite like Banks. He checks all the theoretical boxes for what college coaches are looking for in regards to wing prospects. Banks is smart and skilled, but also embraces numerous physical attributes from athleticism to toughness, and is capable of making his presence consistently felt on both ends of the floor. He’s possessed a phenomenal all-around skillset since his high school journey began and has only refined his tools over time. Banks scores the ball efficiently from all three levels and is capable of being a primary offensive option alongside any group of teammates. He’s done an excellent job of tightening his handle and taking his shot-creation abilities to the next level, which makes him even more appealing for college coaches. Banks is also an intelligent, versatile defender with a fantastic combination of length, motor, and positioning. Don’t be surprised to see Banks with twenty or more offers by the end of summer.


6’5 Ricky Council IV (Southern Durham/Team Felton)

There’s so much to like with North Carolina’s current talent level, especially in regards to wing players, and Council is definitely one of the best. He’s long and incredibly athletic, but is also quite known for his ability to effortlessly pile on points from all three levels. Council is among the most prolific all-around scorers within the state and he consistently proves that on a night-to-night basis. He has a terrific feel for the game and is capable of generating clean scoring opportunities from anywhere on the floor. Council approaches the game the right way and understands how to play unselfishly or within the normal flow, but can also offer instant offense in the blink of an eye. He handles the ball effectively and rebounds quite well for his position, which allows him to push transition play at a strong rate. Council has all the necessary tools to become a terrific two-way player at the next level, especially if he continues trending upward.


6’5 Keishon Porter (Southwest Edgecomb/Team Trezz)

As popular as he already is, Porter is still likely the most underrated, under-the-radar prospect on this list. He doesn’t play for one of the shoe-circuit programs, but certainly could, given his ability to thrive alongside any group of teammates. Porter embraces all the mental and physical characteristics that one would desire in a basketball player. He’s smart, tough, athletic, and leads by example in every facet of the game. Porter plays the game with a true blue-collar approach and understands how to utilize his motor to overwhelm the opposition. He’s continually improved as an offensive threat and has been the primary option for Team Trezz all summer long, relentlessly attacking the basket and knocking down perimeter jumpers as efficiently as ever. That being said, Porter’s defensive ability is what separates him from similar prospects, considering he’s able to reliably shut down three to four positions on that end of the floor. It’s still just the beginning of his blow-up process, so expect many more offers to come piling in throughout the next few months.


6’7 Jaden Seymour (Northside Christian/Team Charlotte)

Of all the prospects on this list, Seymour is probably the only player that isn’t necessarily a true wing. However, his defensive versatility and ability to initiate offense allow him to serve as somewhat of an all-around dynamo for any team. Seymour is arguably the best defensive player on this list, simply due to his knack for containing all five positions at a high level while also protecting the rim. He’s a tremendous athlete with great physical tools and a nonstop motor. Seymour has continually improved on the offensive side of the ball and was scratching the surface of becoming a dominant two-way player prior to his recent injury. That being said, he’ll likely come back even better than before, given his approach and desire to get better.