6’9 Clash Peters (Trinity Academy)

Given everything he’s showcased over the last twelve months, Clash Peters’ lack of offers really doesn’t make any sense. The appeal of a strong, physical, highly skilled 6-foot-9 power forward should be pretty self-explanatory. Between his feel, vision, interior scoring, and perimeter shooting, Peters brings a dynamic offensive presence to a team. He can reliably finish through contact, above the rim, or with either hand. Peters knows how to screen and roll or pop, and exploit mismatches whenever available. He utilizes his body well around the basket, especially as a rebounder, and poses a double-double threat whenever he’s on the court. Peters is quite crafty for his size and displays the ability to effectively create off the dribble. He currently holds four offers, but don’t be shocked when that list doubles or triples in size by next year. 

6’5 Isaiah Washington (Winston-Salem Christian)

Scoring has become increasingly important as the game of basketball evolves, and there might not be a better pure scorer in the state than Isaiah Washington. He’s long, polished, athletic, and capable of effortlessly filling it up from all three levels. Washington is a crafty, yet straightforward shot-creator with an arsenal of smooth pull-ups, jumpers off the catch, and instincts as a penetrating threat. He finishes consistently around the basket and above the rim, and is excellent at applying pressure in transition with the ball in his hands. Washington is a lethal offensive threat who’s wired to score, but can also set up others and make an impact without the ball. He’s a useful rebounder with great defensive tools and anticipation for intercepting passing lanes. Washington should undoubtedly have more schools in pursuit, as he remains an obvious Division I talent. 

6’6 Ari Fulton (Westover)

Although it’s widely known that prospects in the eastern part of the state receive less attention from college coaches, there’s legitimately no excusing the lack of offers for Ari Fulton. From a physical standpoint, he checks all the boxes. He’s long, fluid, and explosive with impressive quickness and end-to-end speed, especially for his size. Fulton is a switchable defender with the ability to contain multiple positions, force turnovers, and control the glass. He’s great at running the floor or getting downhill and capitalizing as a finisher in transition. Fulton is a capable creator and perimeter shooter, but typically looks to dominate around the basket from the low post (but can also be featured at the elbows or top of the key). Although he displays blossoming IQ and skill, Fulton should still appeal to a ton of different programs right now. Only time will tell, but Fulton will likely hold double-digit offers following the upcoming summer. 

6’5 Ryan Crotty (Holly Springs)

It doesn’t need to be reiterated for the umpteenth time but shooting is valuable, and Ryan Crotty might seriously be the best shooter in the state. Although he might be somewhat unassuming at first glance, he’s able to really fill it up from beyond the arc. That being said, Crotty is far more than just a spot-up threat. He’s proven himself as a dynamic scorer with the ability to hit shots off the catch, movement, or create off the bounce for himself and others. Between his size, shooting mechanics, and quick release, Crotty is a difficult matchup for most opponents. He’s a solid athlete with an understanding of how to make an impact defensively and on the glass. Crotty is the type of player that can carve out a role with seemingly any collection of teammates, so don’t be surprised to see his offer sheet expand (Presbyterian, UC San Diego) over the coming months. 

6’2 Evan Morton (United Faith)

The Falcons have quietly been one of the more entertaining teams in North Carolina this season, and Evan Morton is a major reason why. He’s a smart, quick, crafty guard prospect with the adaptability to do a lot of different things on the court. Whether he’s tasked with running the offense, applying scoring pressure, or simply wreaking havoc, Morton understands how to make a nonstop impact. He’s a quality passer and overall creator with the ability to reliably score the ball from all three levels. Morton truly does everything at an above-average level and doesn’t necessarily require the ball in his hands to make his presence felt. Although he’s more than capable of taking over a game, having someone as talented as Morton willing to embrace complementary roles only elevates his value. Like the others, expect his recruitment to explode going forward.