This week, we've featured three separate articles on various North Carolina prospects by position that have flown under the radar in the Class of 2018. Now, we will breakdown some of the wildcard prospects among the class who should still receive heavy consideration for Division I opportunities.

6'7 Adafe Price (Albemarle)

For multiple years now, Adafe Price has been one of the most intriguing prospects in the state but his time in high school has come to an end and he's still available. Many Division I programs have reached out to Price over the years, but for one reason or another, they've proceeded with great caution. There is a lot to be excited about with Price, given his frame and upside as a versatile defender. He's an aggressive streak and reliable jump shot away from turning into an extremely high-level prospect. Until then, we will watch for Price to choose where he'll further his education and basketball career.

6'3 Tomas Butkus (Rabun Gap)

One of the biggest mysteries across the local grassroots scene is how Tomas Butkus is still an unsigned prospect. The point guard has done nearly everything possible to draw the attention of college coaches, yet still has no offers. He's a three-level scorer and incredibly gifted passer, making him a perfect pick-and-roll partner at the next level. Butkus' vision spans as far as the eye can see and he's very vocal on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, he's always been the best player on his usual teams, but there is something special about Butkus when surrounded with talent. College programs have missed on him thus far, but there is reason to believe that Butkus could make yet another leap in the coming months.

6'8 Aaron Cash (Word of God)

Nearly two years ago, Aaron Cash made the decision to return to North Carolina and attend Word of God Academy. He was very intriguing at the time as a terrific athlete who was always looking to crash the glass and dunk on everyone. A heavy majority of folks expected Cash to take the next step in his development process and begin dominating both sides of the ball. There is a short list of athletes in the state better than Cash, especially given his size, but he still needs to add a go-to scoring avenue before joining the collegiate ranks. Only time will tell if Cash will reach his ceiling as a basketball player.