It seems that players with true size are quite uncommon; therefore it makes sense that college programs look to get them signed and taken off the board relatively early. Despite being arguably the most talented basketball state, North Carolina has a variety of big man prospects who have simply been overlooked for too long.

Ody Oguama (Woodstock Academy/NC Red Storm)
It's hard to believe with the direction basketball has shifted that 6-foot-9 Ody Oguama isn't packing up to start his collegiate career at a Division I program next fall. Instead, he's reclassifying to the Class of 2019 and will pursue his scholarship at Woodstock Academy. For those who have forgotten, Oguama is a terrific new-age center who consistently runs the floor, protects the rim, and use his length-athleticism combination to score at the rim. There were an abundance of organizations that could've utilized Oguama as soon as this season, but perhaps another year of adding strength will be beneficial for the big man's long-term future.


Ben Uloko (West Forysth/NC Spartans)
Being a big man in today's basketball is somewhat of a thankless job, always expected to secure rebounds, protect the rim, and make plays on offense. There are very few players capable of doing these basic things, but it's even harder for undersized guys, which is why it's so easy to appreciate the blue-collar approach of Ben Uloko. Standing at a stocky 6-foot-8, Uloko doesn't necessarily have overwhelming length, but he's as strong as an ox and has no problem throwing around opponents like ragdolls. He is a smart, efficient player with the ball, knowing how to secure perfect position and score quite well on either block. Houston Baptist was the first Division I program to get involved with Uloko, but they might've struck gold.


Kenyon ‘KD' Burt (Garner/NC Runnin' Rebels)
Often times, a player's work ethic decides where he'll ultimately fall at the collegiate level, but that hasn't been the case for Kenyon Burt, a guy who has outworked everyone for quite a while. The Garner product has consistently been one of the best rebounders in North Carolina over the last two years, and has made continuous strides with his perimeter skills. Burt is the type of prospect who would've collected 10+ offers if he were an inch or two taller, but he could be an All-League player during his next four years at Mount Olive.