The Summer Havoc Showcase is full of talent but here are a few that stole the show.

The July Live period is heating up this weekend as teams from across the nation make their way to Spartanburg, SC for Phenoms Summer Havoc. Tons of kids are in the gym this weekend hoping to earn looks from college coaches. Some of the players that stood out are as follows:


Jaylen Alston, 6'4 2018 W with Carolina Wolves – Jaylen has been impressing of late. He ha one of the more unorthodox games on him that you will find but it is so productive that you don't really care how it looks. The kids motor is always running hot and he always is on the attack. Kids with his motor and desire out on the floor always find a way to get it done. Jaylen is no exception to this rule. He's the type of kid that you can put on the floor and win with.

Kyler Edwards, 6'5 2018 G with Team Boost – Kid put on a show here in the one we caught pulling down a double/double in the first half. He is another kid that plays with a great motor and skill out on the floor. He showed off the range on the jumper hitting from deep, the strength to fight inside, and the explosion to go up and finish at the rim. Kid did it all for his team all game long. College coaches in attendance took notice. Kid can play.

Greyson Collins, 6' 2018 G with Carolina Wolves – Every time we see Greyson we end up writing on him it seems like. Part of the reason for this is the fact we never see him have a bad game. His consistency is a breath of fresh air as too often you never know what you will get with young players. He has the type of timeless game that would fit on the floor in any era and in any style of play. Coach on the floor is type of player any coach would want leading his squad.

Chandler Lindsey, 5'10 G with SC Bucks – We love kids that bring a full set of tools to the floor and play with passion. Both are attributes we can apply to Chandler. While he may lack the size you look for in a guard his game is bigger than what the tape measure would indicate (so is his bounce). Kid is a stat sheet stuffer that just knows how to get it done.

Tre Dunning, 5'10 G with SC Bucks – Tre is perfect name for this young sniper as that was what he was dropping all day long. Right now he is mostly a spot up shooter but give him a look and half a second to get off and most likely the score keeper just put 3 more points on the board. One of the type of shooters where you just expect the ball to go in on the release. Would like to see more from him in other phases of his game but as long as he can hit from deep like he has shown, he has a shot to help someone at the next level.