The July Live period is heating up this weekend as teams from across the nation make their way to Spartanburg, SC for Phenoms Summer Havoc.

Jalen McDonald

Reginald Crocker, 6'3 2020 F with Upward Stars Upstate Blue – Reginald is a very active young forward who plays an aggressive game. Plays the game with a high motor and a bull in a china shop mentality. He is very strong on the glass inside and is a safe bet to get his share of dirty points in the lane. Best talent at this point is his motor as it is what drives his production. Will need to either grow or expand his game as right now his game dictates he stays as a power player. Love the energy that he plays with though.

Antonio Mealey, 5'9 2020 G with SC Bucks – Antonio is a smaller guard with a lot of ways to score on you. He shows no fear or hesitation in going to the lane scoring on layups, pull ups and floaters. He has good speed but is savvy enough to know when and when not to use it. Size does no mesh well with his style of play at this point but if he grows his PG game it will help him help his stock going forward.

Jasiahh Epps, 6' 2020 G with Blazers 14u – Epps is an attacking guard prospect that is wired to score the ball. When he steps on the floor his purpose is clear, beat his man and put the ball in the hoop. Epps style of play puts him on the line a lot where he flat out kills the other team. Would like to see him expand his jumper and the rest of his game as his development continues. No one was able to stay in front of him while we were court side.

Brandon Williams, 6’3 2020 F with Boo Williams – Brandon has really impressed of late as he has appeared to have taken another step in his development. His motor seems to have found another gear and has added more scoring to his game. He has always been an active rebounder and defender but this part of his game has amped up as well. Williams is a nice young athlete who appears to be coming into his own as a player. Looking forward to where his development leads him.

Jalen Mcdonald, 6’4 2020 W with Boo Williams – Jalen has been popping up in our reviews a lot of late as he continues to produce each time out on the floor. A nice looking athlete out on the wing, he has shown the ability to do a little bit of everything during a game. He has stepped up his game of late taking on a bigger role after Sean Sims departure. Already a solid next level prospect if he continues his progression and aggressive mindset we expect his stock to continue to rise.

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