Phenom Hoops had a few names that stood out at the Summer Havoc Live in Spartanburg.

M33M Elite

6'4 '21 Willie Foreman- Playing up two age groups, Foreman was arguably the best player on his team, making everything happen on both ends of the floor. He was a shut down defender on one end and an athletic mismatch on the other.

PSB North

6'1 '19 Benjamin Zirkle- Polished all-around point guard and the unquestioned two-way leader of his team; he is a high IQ passer, scores frequently on three-levels, and is an underrated defender.

Alabama Celtics

6'6 '18 Jermaine Marshall- Big, strong athlete that dominates the interior on both ends of the floor; he's a solid shooter but prefers to barrel towards the rim, where he is as good a finisher as any.

Team Loaded NC

6'1 '21 Carter Whitt- The young point guard continues to impress with his unmatched IQ, feel, and vision; he is able to regularly see and make passes that other players never dream of. Whitt will be one of the biggest names in North Carolina over the next four years.

Team Vision

5'11 '18 Raishaun Brown- The backcourt of Caleb Mills and Brown has proven to be an absolute problem for opponents; Brown is so quick and able to get a shot out of nothing. He gets into the lane exceptionally well and has great three-level scoring ability.

Big Joe's Ballas

6'9 '18 Logan Dye- Big man with a little throwback to his game; he faces up pretty regularly but has a wide arsenal of low post moves that have proven to be very effective. Dye is a great rebounder and defender when going full throttle.

PSB South Gold

6'2 '18 John 'Trey' Jones- Strong-bodied guard with high IQ that consistently brings it on both sides of the floor; he has a strong, defined frame and frequently utilizes it to create for himself and others.

SC Bucks

5'11 '18 Chandler Lindsay- Explosive, quick guard that gets to the rim at will where he is very crafty. At this point, everyone should know that Lindsay finishes anything inside the paint.

SC Tigers

6'3 '18 Savion Dawkins- Big and strong, Dawkins has no problem bullying opponents on offense, where he has proven able to score on three levels efficiently. He plays with a high motor and IQ, making him a headache for opposing forwards to deal with.

Team Carroll Premier

5'7 '19 Jalil Robinson- Lightning quick guard that blows by defenders, allowing him to create opportunities for the team; he does a phenomenal job distributing the ball and can score on three levels.

Upward Stars York County

6'6 '18 Jaron Williams- All-around monster of a forward; Williams is a game-changing player on both ends of the floor. On one end, he will lock up the best opposing player and then feed him buckets on the other.

Team Takeover

6'7 '18 William Bounds- Stretch forward that is capable of knocking down shot after shot from three-point range; high IQ prospect has the ability to put the ball on the floor and make plays within two to three dribbles.

Team TTG

6'4 '18 Jonah Fitzgerald- D2/D3 schools in need of a player that can play up-tempo and keep up with the scoring pace, this could be your guy. Fitzgerald scores on all three levels in bunches, plays with a high IQ and understanding of the game.

PSB South Black

6'0 '18 Matthew Broussard- Scrappy two-way guard that can score on all three levels; he is a quality decision maker who knows when to take the shot versus when to defer to teammates.

Team Triad Hornets

5'11 '18 Tavon Cameron- Scoring guard that gets it on all three levels; he plays within the offense and creates for teammates well. The harder Cameron plays, the better his team does.