This summer, Phenom Hoops brings an opportunity for young players to come and compete at the Phenom ENC Junior 150 in Raleigh, NC and they didn’t disappoint.

Players received training, they competed, and started their resume early.

The competition was fantastic and all throughout the day, we will have articles going out of players that caught our eyes.  Check out some of the names that impressed our scouts.

2026 5’2 CP Perry (Charles C. Erwin Middle)

  • Watching this young man during stations, he brought an incredible amount of energy to the floor. He was vocal, competed and also was a fantastic teammate on and off the court.  That doesn’t even mention his smooth skill set at an early age with a confident release.

2024 5’8 DeVaughn Brown (Grace Christian School)

  • From the start, we could tell Brown had the tools to be a strong force at the camp. He has a great frame at an early age and brings a surprising strength to the floor at an early age.  Brown is confident and a fierce prospect that has the early intangibles to be a great guard in the coming years.

2024 6’0 Brandon Ihle (West Lake Middle)

  • He was one of the bigger prospects in the camp but he impressed early on with his ability to handle the ball, move around the floor, and score inside and out. He showed early on that he was going to be a force all day long.

2024 5’11 Trey Manhertz (Salem Middle)

  • Trey’s ability to use his length brought intrigue immediately to our scouts. Manhertz displayed soft hands around the rim and used his size to his advantage.  Also liked his ability to run the floor.

2024 6’2 Vincent Bertolini-Felice (Mills Park MS)

  • In the first game, immediately, he showed that he understands how to be a big man down low in the paint at a young age. With his back to the basket, he displayed patience and feel for his opponents, something that doesn’t come easy all the time for young big men.