It has been a great event this weekend in Greensboro, as players have shown up and competed all throughout the event.  Some players have caught the eyes of our scouts, but here are a few quick notes from some of the players we have seen.

2020 6’3 Que Garner (Foothills Legacy)

Garner is a physical prospect that plays strong but also brings versatility to the floor.  He can play multiple positions on the floor but displayed the ability to be the main ball handler.  With his physical size, he showcased an ability to finish strong.

2020 6’5 Aidan Pearson (Foothills Legacy)

Pearson is incredibly physical and strong, and one can see that when he first steps on the floor.  He still has room to work on his game offensively but this young man is a bruiser.  Lower schools should definitely be keeping an eye on him.

2020 5’11 Lloyd Latta (Charlotte Nets)

Latta is a small, compact point guard but has incredible speed that impacts both ends of the floor.  He can get by his defenders on the dribble, push the ball in transition, and also is a great on-ball defender.  Played with heart and really fought on the floor.

2020 6’5 Bryson Hosclaw (Foothills Legacy)

Hosclaw had a huge impact in the game we watched him.  He was an absolute monster on the boards, providing his team extra possessions on multiple occasions.  Has a smooth release on his shot, which looks like it could translate well but the competitor in him was on display, helping his team to a win.

2021 6’4 Aaron Anthony Hall (Carolina Crossover)

Hall immediately stands out with his size and length but on the floor, he is effective.  On defense, his hands are always up and always looking to disrupt defenders around the basket.  He also was effective on the boards on both ends.  Offensively, showcased a soft touch when he roams the paint but stepped out a few times with a smooth jumper, even showcasing his ability to knock down the open three.  This young man has upside if he continues to work.

2021 6’4 Elijah Thomas (NC Gaters East)

No matter what, this young man won the energy award. When he stepped on the floor, he immediately made an impact on both ends.  He made defensive stops, used his length to disrupt opponents, and attacked the boards.  He kept balls alive on the offensive end and worked well out in transition.  Thomas played unselfish basketball and bring a high motor to the floor.

2019 6’4 Justin Lowe (NC Gaters East)

The senior led the way with a crafty skillset but also a smooth feel on the floor.  His jumper was pure and used his solid ball-handling skills with both hands to create openings.  He was able to show that he can get his defender off balance and take advantage of it.