2023 Jacob Tiller (Team Swish): Tiller was a consistent presence on the court and really showed that he can lead the charge offensively.' But outside of his offensive capabilities, Tiller showed that he is a hard-nosed, tough, and a player that leaves it all out on the court.' He plays with high energy, brings good athleticism, and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Offensively though, he continued to show his ability to create off the bounce, use his athleticism to his advantage, and can knock down shots but also finish in the open floor.

2023 Brock Rose (Team Synergy): Rose had another strong showing and overall, had a strong summer with Team Synergy.' Rose is one of those players that does a tremendous job in playing off the ball and is always looking for his shot.' Coming off screens, running to his spots in transition' Rose is looking to get the ball and let if fly quickly with his quick release.' He doesn't need much time or space to find his shot, as he showed he can be a threat from multiple levels on the court.

2023 Jordon Nevill (Team HOPE): Coming into the summer, it was going to be interesting to see who looks Nevill's way.' I mean, this is a young man that knocked down 111 3-pointers in a season and shot 52 percent from behind the arc' those are absurd numbers to post.' Nevill though continued to show just that, being a big threat in stretching the court with his perimeter shooting and he can really help change the game for his team.' He should be one that college coaches start looking at more, especially in what he provides.

2023 Nehemiah Turner (Team Speights): It was our first viewing of the big man, and the 6'9 forward really captured more eyes with what he could provide.' Turner has the size and physical body to be a big presence in the paint, but he also showed that he has nice footwork, holds his position with his size in the post, has soft hands and can finish over defenders, and made some strong plays on the defensive ends and on the boards.' He holds an offer already from Tennessee Tech but more should be looking his way.

2023 Alius Bowser (EA Prep): Bowser is one that really stepped up this past weekend and showed what he can provide, as he led the team consistently offensively and made some big-time plays for his team in big games. He averaged double-digit points all weekend long and showed that he can be effective from multiple levels. Bowser showed at times his ability to step outside and knock down threes, but also continue to show how physical and athletic he can on the court. He finished well through contact, can defend multiple positions, and was active on the boards.