Christ School vs Concord First Assembly

Christ School

Kojack Thompson (5’8, 2019): a very skilled point guard that packs a punch and understands how to push/ run an offense.  He is a strong finisher but makes the right plays for his team.  Very unselfish leader on the floor.  He makes difficult passes look easy. Stats: 16 points Was named Awards of Excellence game MVP 

Gabe Wiznitzer (6’10, 2021): Witznitzer is that throwback big with touch, feel, and understanding of what he can do on the floor. He understands his frame and size, using that to seal defenders and finish at the rim.  He may not be the most explosive big on the floor but he has that old school feel and touch.  Continue to watch his game grow as he is only scraping the surface of his ability.

Brad Halvorsen (6’, 2019): Halvorsen in known for being one of the best shooters in the state but he plays with a major chip on his shoulder, always looking to prove to his. Halvorsen really played well putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim, something he looks like he is more comfortable in doing the older he got.  However, you have to respect his jumper, from wherever he is.  Intelligent player on the floor.

Trey Austin (6’2, 2019): He plays to his tempo of the game but really showcased that he can play multiple positions on the floor and shot the ball well from three in the victory.

Also watch for young prospect Deante Green, a 6’7 forward that moves well on his feet, very active down low, and can stretch the floor with his size/ shot on the floor.

Concord First Assembly

Isaac Boothe (5’10, 2021): Boothe continues to play well and be a producer at a young age.  He has a great feel with the ball in his hands. He can work the offense in pick and role situations, using either hand to finish.  Boothe plays with a great feel, changing directions and speeds, and simply looking like a point guard that is much older than listed. Stats: 17 points

Trae Benham (6’2, 2021): Another young shooter for this team.  He loves his shot outside, as he is very confident with his quick flick of the wrist.  He works well with what this team has, finding that open spot and knocking down the jumper, especially from three.

Garrett Hien (6’9, 2020): Hien made a name for himself at the Phenom Jamboree and continued his play, especially in the second half.  He really stretches the floor with his lengthy frame.  He knows how to use that, running the floor and stretching the floor with his outside shot; he has a great feel for the game.  He looks like a power forward but plays with the ability to stretch the floor.  Also enjoyed the way he runs the floor in transition.