Jamie Shaw had some names that caught his eye at the Champion Showcase.

6'4' 2018 Jaylen Alston
Carolina Wolves NC

Another day and another win. Alston has continued to be one of the most consistently productive players in this event. For the duration of the event he has gone 6-8 from beyond the arc. He rebounds at a high level, his vision is at a high level.

6'7 Unsigned Senior Victor Tshiona
Sharp Shooters

Tshiona has a great frame, looks like a tight end. He rebounds the ball very well in his area and plays with a nice motor. In this game Tshiona showed promise as a 3-level scorer. He made 3 3s as well as finished at the rim. It will be intriguing to see who goes in on him, but he is one that scholarship carrying coaches should make a point to watch.

6'5' 2018 Jordan Love
Durham Hurricanes 17s ' Murphy

Love has been a hot name with his ability to score the ball, and this size, length and athleticism combination. He was back at it this morning, showing true 3-level ability and the creativeness off the bounce to get to his spots. July should be fun for him.

6'6' 2018 Elijah Lockhart
Carolina Magic

Talk about an electrifying leaper, Lockhart attacks the rim with the intention to dunk everything. He plays with a high motor and showed solid ball skills with efficient dribbles from the wing and high post. Coaches should watch him in July, he is the type of under the radar player who could end up as a skill

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