Exposure ' The Power of Phenom Hoops
Part 1
By Jamie Shaw

Impressions, Media Value, and College Coaches Galore

In this world of ever changing talks of exposure, Phenom Hoops makes it a point to put a premium on making sure every kid who comes to our camps and tournaments is seen by the people who are able to directly help them fulfill their dream of playing at the next level. Exposure is Phenom Hoops principal value.

First and foremost, college coaches are paramount to exposure. The idea is that every prospect who comes to one of our events dreams of playing basketball in college. We make it a point to provide as big a stage for them to perform on as we can. While we are not able to offer a prospect a scholarship, our job is to provide an environment for these prospects to perform.

How Many College Coaches Come to Phenom Hoops Events'

The most obvious place to start for exposure by going straight to the source with talking about the college coach's attendance at Phenom Hoops events. Phenom Hoops is fortunate to have built a great following of coaches, you can walk into any one of our live events and see college coaches sitting, watching, and evaluating players.

In 2016, over 1,200 college coaches sat on our baselines, to watch prospects. In July alone, Phenom Hoops held three live events (a live event is when college coaches are able to be on the road to watch prospects in person). During those three live events almost 70% if all Division 1 programs had at least one coach sit and watch. Thirty-one of thirty-two Division 1 conferences from across the country had at least one coach at our event. There were over 160 scholarships given out as a direct result of watching a prospect at one of Phenom Hoops three July Live events.

So we are able to work in true numbers, over the entirety of our 25 events in 2016 we had 1,240 college coaches who came and sat on our sidelines during events. This provided major exposure for prospects to not only earn scholarships, but to be seen and have their recruitment process started

How Else Does Phenom Hoops Put Kids in Front of Coaches'

Phenom Hoop Report offers an NCAA compliant written and video scouting service. What this means is that after every one of our events, we will write a report and send it off to close to 150 Division 1 and Division 2 college coaches. This means that right off the bat, even if the coaches were not in attendance, close to 150 different programs read about the player and get all his information. To enhance that status even more, Phenom Hoops is also an NCAA compliant video scouting service.

Phenom Hoops partners with Krossover Technologies to video record every one of our events. Not only do we give each coach a written description and all the player's information, but almost 150 college programs also get video of each kid to watch. This is the most in depth exposure that any service is providing and Phenom Hoops is on the forefront of it all.

So What Does All This Mean'

The most direct way to exposure is to play in front of college coaches. They are the ones who carry the scholarships and hand them out. In the most raw of calculations, Phenom Hoops provided event attendees 1,240 opportunities to follow their dream of playing basketball at the collegiate level. Once you add in the scouting service and all of the coaches who get a chance to watch, kids are able to live their dreams.

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