Player: Lukas Kachilo
Class: 2023
Height: 6’0
School: West Henderson
AAU: NLPB 2023

What has Phenom Hoops said:

Kachilo has great handles to go along with his size as a ball handler. He has excellent vision. He is great at pushing the pace & making smart reads to get his teammates open. He has an above-average jump shot & nice moves when he attacks the basket. He can attack & score with either hand.

Coach’s Thoughts:

Lukas Kachilo is every player’s favorite teammate. Offensively he knows where to be. His understanding of basketball helps him make the right play. Whether its rebounding and putting the ball right back up, taking his defender to the basket for a quick two or taking the midrange jumper Lukas helps any offense.

Lukas’ offensive game is often described as a lost art. He loves the mid-range which often puts him in the right position for a pass for a score or a rebound for a score. Lukas at the guard position can often create mismatches because of his wingspan. He is hard to guard. Lukas is a multi-sport athlete which shows as he goes and does exactly what he needs to do to help the team win. High motor guard!!!

Lukas defensively can get hot, which may sound backward for the game of basketball but look for Lukas to be able to create pressure to lead to multiple 5-second calls with his amazing lateral movement and long wingspan. He knows how to cheat passing lanes and take the ball coast to coast. When you need help with defensive rebounds, Lukas is in the game. He has an advantage with his athleticism which can give him the advantage defensively has pressure defense is not a problem for him.