Phenom Stay Positive

April 30-May 1, 2022
Rise Indoor Sports, Advance, NC

Cost: $450.00 HS/ $295.00 MS

Event Description:

Phenom Hoops continues to provide the biggest and best platform for teams and players.  This event will be no different, as we head back to Advance, NC for the Phenom Stay Positive.

This event will be loaded with talent, but we will also be providing the best platform for all participants.  National Scouts, Live Streams, Highlights, Elite Coverage, and More!  This will be one of the best events in 2022 season off, so make sure you register your team TODAY before spots fill up.

Also, Support A Great Cause: “Stay Positive,” The Eric Day Story

Ages Groups for 2022 events with Phenom Hoops:

Age Level Class Grade
17U 2022 12th
17U 2023 11th
16U 2024 10th
15U 2025 9th
14U 2026 8th
13U 2027 7th
12U 2028 6th
11U 2029 5th

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$20.00 Daily

Team Cost

$450.00 HS
$295.00 MS

Bendel’s Best: Stay Positive

This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled out to the Rise Sports Indoor Facility for our annual Stay Positive Classic. The two-day event featured a variety of entertaining teams and players, and allowed for numerous takeaways. Rosters are starting to get more...

Reece’s Standouts: Phenom Stay Positive (Day 2)

by: Ethan Reece 2027 Travien Williams (TSB)It’s not unusual for the most dominant athlete to be able to get whatever he wants on the court, especially with younger teams. And in this case, Travien is also the biggest. His team has a lot of overall height which allows...

Phenom Stay Positive Championship: 17u Blue

In our final game of the weekend as far as championships, CP3 2024 looked to continue their roll this summer as they took on a tough, scrappy Big Shots Select Winston Salem team.  It was a great battle between both teams, but CP3 was able to flex their muscles a...

Phenom Stay Positive Championship: 15u

Strong Center 2025 vs. CP3 Elite 2026 We were looking to end the day on a high note much like both of these teams were as they battled it out in the 15u Division.  CP3 2026 came out strong much like they have all tournament long, using their size and taking control of...

Phenom Stay Positive Championship: 14u

Basketpoint USA 8th Brooks vs. Ascend Ballers Continuing along the day, we head back down to the 14u Division as Basketpoint USA and Ascend Ballers looked to cap off a great weekend at the Phenom Stay Positive.  It was a hard-fought game throughout, as teams were...

Phenom Stay Positive Championship: 17u Orange

Carolina Zoom Huntley vs Team DOLO The championships continued to role through the day, as Carolina Zoom Huntley and Team DOLO squared off in the championship in the 17u Orange Division.  It was a tight battle throughout the game, with both teams making plays on...

Phenom Stay Positive Championship: 13u

Team Trezz vs. Save Sports 2027 We continue through championship Sunday here at the Phenom Stay Positive, as the head down to the 13u division as Team Trezz and Save Sports 2027 battled it out to end the weekend off right.  Two very good teams went back and forth...

Phenom Stay Positive Championship: 16u

Team BOND vs. NC Spartans 16u We started the championship runs here in Advance at the Phenom Stay Positive, starting with an intense battle between Team BOND and NC Spartans in the 16u division.  It was a close battle to start the game, as Camden Edmonds came out...

Player Standouts at Day Two of Phenom Stay Positive

6’3 ’24 Keveon Rodgers (Big Business Ballerz) Although there are a ton of quality contributors on this Big Business Ballerz squad, Rodgers seemed to stand out as the primary leader on countless occasions. He’s a strong, physically overwhelming wing/forward prospect...

Reece’s Standouts: Phenom Stay Positive (Day 1)

by: Ethan Reece 2026 Zach Goins (Foothills)A point guard’s activity level had to be high on both ends and Zach does exactly that. In a structured system of motion offense unfamiliar to most eighth-graders, Zach finds lots of ways to gets himself involved. He has...