If you are looking to secure your parking ahead of time for the Phenom Grassroots TOC (April 16-18), here are the links to do so:

Venue Link that reflects all upcoming events (through April 2021) https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events

Phenom Challenge, April 16th  https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events/103917

Phenom Challenge, April 17th  https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events/103918

Phenom Challenge, April 18th  https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events/103919

Notes from Rock Hill Spots and Event Center:

“If an attendee reserves parking in advance for the Phenom event, they must park at Deck A and they will need to have their QR code ready to scan at both the entry and exit of Deck A. The PM QR passes are set on a sequence (i.e., in > out > in > out, and so on). If someone reserves parking through ParkMobile and pulls a ticket when they arrive at Deck A (instead of scanning with reservation pass), then their PM QR code will not be recognized at the exit (since it wasn’t scanned in).”

If using ParkMobile, do not pull a ticket – to vend gate, hold your QR code in front of scanner