Morgan County:

5’8 ’19 Stevin Greene

Though small, the point guard prospect was one of the most exciting players to take the floor thus far. He’s an incredibly polished scorer with the ability to generate a clean look out of thin air, especially given his sharp handle and overall quickness. Greene is problematic for opponents, since his lack of size only makes him more challenging to defend.


6’9 ’19 Nolan Causwell

The big man is an intriguing prospect for the next level, given his size and clear long-term upside. He’s not incredibly polished, but Causwell knows his game and does a lot of the “big man” things well, from running the floor to utilizing his length, and really maximizes his touches on offense. He has touch around the basket, but doesn’t look to score unless absolutely necessary.


Ridge View:

6’0 ’19 Crosby James

The leader by example for this team remains James, who does an excellent job of setting the tone on both ends of the floor. He takes pride in defense and knows how to consistently shut down the point of attack, but is also capable of switching and guarding bigger/stronger opponents. James is a quality playmaker, but his ability to spot-up and knock down perimeter shots is unmatched. He has a great all-around feel for the game and should be a terrific contributor at the next level.


5’10 ’20 Cincere Scott

The newest addition to this Ridge View team is Scott, a scrappy guard prospect with the ability to make his presence felt on both sides of the ball. He’s somewhat small, but utilizes his quickness nicely to get by opponents and enter the paint. His role will likely grow over the next year, so we will be watching for his continued growth.



6’1 ’19 Tre Jackson

The Iowa State signee looks ready to contribute at the next level, especially given his uptick in leadership on both ends of the floor. Jackson effortlessly scores the ball from all levels and did an incredible job of making plays for others throughout this contest. He’s a strong ball-handler that can generate space and create offense for himself with relative ease. Jackson can play either backcourt position or alongside another point guard, given his ability to spot-up and shoot from the perimeter.


AC Flora:

6’8 ’20 Patrick Iriel

The big man prospect showcased a terrific blend of productivity and long-term potential throughout this contest. He possesses quality length and a wiry build, which allows him to make his presence consistently felt on both ends of the floor. He runs from rim-to-rim extremely well and plays purposefully hard at all times. Iriel has great instincts around the basket, able to finish with either hand consistently on offense and protecting the rim effectively on defense. Right now, he’s a two-way threat, but should also be able to continue developing over these next few years.


6’5 ’19 Twanyae Butler

The most surprising performance of the day came from Butler, who maximized his role during this battle. He took great pride in his defense and rebounding, and was able to score numerous second-chance buckets. Butler played with a high motor from start to finish and did a great job of pursuing and securing loose balls.



6’8 ’21 Cesare Edwards

The sophomore forward played incredibly well throughout this contest and did an excellent job of highlighting various facets of his skillset. Edwards was able to stretch the floor and knock down spot-up chances along the perimeter. He also showed the ability to operate inside or within two to three dribbles and still apply scoring pressure. Edwards worked hard on defense and accumulated an abundance of blocks and rebounds. Tonight, he looked as confident as he’s ever been with Hartsville, which allowed him to truly impact both sides of the ball from start to finish.


6’2 ’19 Trae Hannibal

The South Carolina signee was nothing short of dominant during this showing, especially on offense, where he was basically unstoppable throughout. Hannibal has such a decisive way of getting to his spots on the floor and forcing opponents to try and contain him. He’s big, strong, and has an unbelievable feel for the game. Hannibal committed nicely to all facets of the game, from rebounding to playmaking, and showed a lot of leadership qualities in the process.


Christ Church:

7’0 ’21 John Butler

The big man was easily the best prospect on display through the first day at Phenom’s Palmetto Winter Classic. He’s long, thin, and in the early stages of becoming a two-way monster. Offensively, Butler is incredibly unique and able to do a variety of different things with the ball in his hands; he’s able to post-up, but appears more effective when operating off the bounce and picking his spots. Butler has unbelievable upside on defense, especially considering how excellent his timing and shot-blocking abilities already are.


6’6 ’23 Jordan Butler

The younger Butler is somewhat raw, but already starting on varsity and playing intense on both ends of the floor. He’s lengthy and decently coordinated for his size/age combination. It’ll take some time, but Butler is absolutely a prospect worth tabbing, as he possesses a lot of useful tools to work with.


Holly Springs:

6’0 ’20 Marcus Elliott

Though Kadin Shedrick was probably the most dominating player for either team, Marcus Elliott arguably has the most vital role on this team. He does a great job of leading by example, remaining vocal, and producing at a high level on both ends of the floor. Elliott pays terrific attention to detail and knows how to set the table for others exceptionally well. He possesses a terrific blend of skill, motor, and athleticism, which allows him to apply constant pressure on both ends of the floor. Division I programs should be very intrigued by Elliott.


6’6 ’20 Kaleb Scott

The combo-forward was one of the most unstoppable two-way forces from Phenom’s Palmetto Winter Classic, and it was fairly obvious from the opening tip. He’s an extremely well-rounded athlete with strength, skill, and poise. Scott is aggressive, smart, and can actively toggle between playing inside or along the perimeter, which causes a lot of problems for opponents. Right now, it’s difficult to find a knock on Scott’s skillset, as he’s capable of doing nearly everything on both ends of the floor. He’s a definite buy-now prospect, since he’s only going to become more dominant over these next few years.