#54- 6'5 '20 Josh Banks- Today was an incredible platform for Banks, as he put the full arsenal on display from start to finish and never let up. He's always possessed a fluid, well-rounded skillset, but has gotten stronger and more athletic throughout the last few years. Banks is an excellent prospect that all Division I programs should be looking at.


#35- 6'2 '21 Elijah Jamison- There isn't a single prospect here that can generate a shot with more ease than Jamison. He's a matchup problem for most point guards, as he possesses the size, feel, and shot-making ability to truly dominate any type of assignment. Jamison has great vision and is capable of scoring from anywhere on the floor.


#99- 6'7 '20 Nick Farrar- The strong, athletic forward prospect has a chance to become one of the biggest stock-risers in North Carolina over the next year or so. He possesses such a unique blend of size, strength, polish, and athleticism, which allows him to score from anywhere on the floor with relative ease.


#40- 6'2 '21 Joel Baucom- The guard prospect was among the most calm, under control players in the building today. He has such a strong feel for his skillset and embraces his role on both sides of the ball. Baucom is a great teammate and willing passer, but is also capable of lighting it up from the perimeter, especially when given time and space.


#63- 6'4 '20 Ford Cooper- The point guard shot the absolute lights out all day long, especially from distance, where he seemed to never miss. Cooper highlighted his silky-smooth offensive game extremely well and dictated the action with great poise. It'll be exciting to see him suit up this summer, as he could be in store for a breakout season.


#100- 6'7 '22 Shane Fernald- Few players are more fun and exciting than Fernald, who plays with such unbelievable passion and intensity at all times. He's so versatile on both ends of the floor and possesses the necessary ball skills to cause an abundance of matchup problems at his position. Fernald has as bright a future as any swingman in the freshman class, so we'll be watching to see the inevitable uptick in his recruitment soon.