6’6 ’21 Ben Burnham (Team Knicks)

After missing their first contest, Burnham returned to Team Knicks and didn’t skip a beat on either end of the floor. He’s long, athletic, and incredibly active at all times, which allows him to naturally create havoc and disrupt the opposition. Burnham scores the ball frequently/efficiently from all levels and has the ability to create for himself off the bounce. He’s a bouncy athlete that controls the game extremely well with his all-around skillset.


6’4 ’20 Harold Johnson Jr. (Upward Stars Columbia)

In terms of productivity, few guys were as noteworthy as Johnson from one game to the next. He’s long, athletic, and possesses a very well-rounded skillset, which allows him to apply quality pressure on both ends of the floor. Johnson plays passing lanes really well and understands how to properly utilize his length to alter shots and finish through contact.


6’8 ’20 Tyler Young (New Light Disciples)

There’s so much to like with this New Light Disciples squad, especially with the incredible consistency of Young. He’s so strong on the block, both as a scorer and two-way rebounder, which has a lot to do with his unparalleled strength and touch. Young displays an excellent feel for the game and has the ability to completely take over with his presence down low.


6’5 ’20 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro Warriors)

It’s easy to be impressed with Flowers, given how well he affects the action without necessarily needing to score. He has an excellent frame with well-rounded athleticism and strong two-way versatility. Flowers is still young for his grade, yet already possesses a ton of polish and should only continue to get better as the summer carries onward.


6’0 ’20 Anthony Allen (DTA Elite)

No team is more exciting than DTA Elite, which all starts with the play of Allen, who is one of the most electric players in the entire region. He’s quick, explosive, smart, and simply checks all the boxes. Allen has no real weaknesses and brings a unique dog-like intensity to every single possession. He’s equally impressive on both ends of the floor and should start being viewed as one of the more worthy scholarship guys in North Carolina.