6’6 ’22 Jalen Hood-Schifino (Team CP3)

This Team CP3 roster is arguably the most loaded group of prospects on display, and Hood-Schifino was as impressive as anyone in attendance. He’s already established himself as a high-level player over the years, but has really started to vault himself into elite territory over the last six months. Hood-Schifino is an incredible playmaker and game manager but has started to pick his spots and score in a variety of different ways. It’s still only the start of his path into becoming one of the top players in the country.

6’8 ’22 Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (BMaze Elite)

The BMaze Elite squad has a ton of intriguing prospects on their roster, but Huntley-Hatfield is easily their most enticing long-term piece. He’s a long, fluid, athletic forward with the necessary skill to be a reliable offensive contributor in various settings. Huntley-Hatfield is the clear leader of this team and shows some incredible flashes on both ends of the floor. He’s already pretty productive but has a ton of upside remaining. 

5’11 ’21 Alex Taylor (Team Swish)

Though somewhat unassuming, Taylor really shined as a pesky defender and hustle player throughout this contest. He battled for every available rebound, played with a high motor on every possession, and was able to score in various different ways. Taylor was quietly an x-factor for this group today. 

6’0 ’21 Jaden Ellis (Cobras 2021)

There’s simply no logical reason for the lack of offers being distributed for this Cobras squad, which certainly includes Ellis. He’s continued on his tear of being extremely productive and genuinely understands how to just make plays. Ellis is another cog within this balanced machine, but his ability to make the right play with unwavering consistency is what allows him to shine. He’s hitting shots, making intelligent passes, and doing anything to provide his team with an edge. Coaches should be on notice. 

6’7 ’21 Toby Harris (Carolina Flyers)

What more can be said about Harris at this point? It’s simply ridiculous that he can have one incredible showing after another and not receive the appropriate attention within his recruitment. Harris is a tremendous offensive force with the full package and ability to adapt based on matchup or overall context. He has done it all while standing out as a leader and rising to the occasion when his team needs it most. Division I programs should absolutely be more involved. 

62 ’21 Umar Lawson (Upward Stars Pee Dee)

It’s impossible to ignore the excitement Lawson brings to the table. He’s unstoppable at getting downhill and finishing with force above the rim. Lawson is a high-level athlete with toughness and a great transition presence. He’s a quality defender and rebounder that plays hard on every single possession.

62 ’21 Bailey Wiseman (Upward Stars Columbia)

The Upward Stars Columbia squad is a balanced, well-rounded team, and Wiseman is as important to their overall identity as anyone on the roster. He’s smart, crafty, and capable of truly lighting it up on the offensive end of the floor. Wiseman plays with a quick twitch, makes the proper read with consistency, and doesn’t really possess any glaring weaknesses. He will succeed wherever he ends up. 

6’4 ’23 Caleb Foster (Team Curry)

The Team Curry program is certainly brimming with talent, and Foster should be regarded as the top floor general in the state. He epitomizes what it means to be an intelligent floor general, especially given how he’s able to see the game multiple steps ahead of others. Foster offers the perfect blend of playmaking and three-level scoring, and never seems to make an error or have a lapse in judgment. He’s poised beyond his years and should be recruited at the highest possible level going forward. 

6’0 ’22 Kennard Davis (Team Charlotte)

If there’s one constant with the Team Charlotte guards, it’s their ability to defend. Davis not only stands out as a pesky defender, but he might be the most reliable on-ball defender throughout their roster. He’s very quick and positions himself well, which allows for a lot of forced turnovers and transition play. Davis makes quality passes and can knock down perimeter shots, but has also attacked the basket well. 

6’5 ’22 Karon Boyd (Charlotte Hoyas)

Few games were as competitive as the Gaters and Hoyas, and Boyd was a major part of what ultimately resulted in a winning effort. He plays so hard and utilizes his length extremely well to rebound the ball and disrupt opponents near the rim. Boyd showed various flashes of versatility and made numerous plays in transition.