6’0 ’20 Reggie Walton (Team Trezz)

While other guys might draw more headlines, Walton is a very vital piece to Team Trezz. He’s a phenomenal playmaker that scored efficiently and defended full-court very well throughout this contest. Walton is smart, possesses all the intangibles that college coaches should be looking for, and simply does the little things that lead to winning games.


5’11 ’19 Jai Rorie (Main Event Elite)

We’ve talked a lot about the best shooters in North Carolina, but Rorie deserves to be in that conversation as much as anyone. He’s slightly undersized for an off-guard, but has shown the ability to operate as a steady ball-handler. However, Rorie is at his best when slotted away from the ball and able to consistently force opposing defenses to give him major attention as a spot-up threat.


6’6 ’20 Darlinstone Dubar (Charlotte Aces)

Arguably no prospect possesses a stronger blend of productivity and long-term upside than Dubar, who showed absolute flashes of dominance today. He’s a long, smart, athletic wing prospect that can handle the ball, create off the bounce for himself and others, and apply efficient scoring pressure from all three levels. Dubar moves extremely well for his size and displays very savvy vision with the ball in his hands.

6’10 ’20 Kuluel Mading (New Light Disciples)

It’s so easy to be impressed with Mading, especially considering his trajectory over the last calendar year. He truly just needed repetitions to take his game to a whole new level and has gotten them over this current summer. Mading excites many folks with his ball-handling and ability to shoot from distance, but it’s his foundation of touch, rebounding, and defensive timing that seems to always shine through. It’s very difficult to place a ceiling on Mading at this point in time.


6’0 ’21 Jamarii Thomas (New Light Disciples)

There’s simply no denying the effect that Thomas has when he’s on the court, as he’s one of the most exciting, electric lead guards in the entire state. He’s so smart, quick, and sharp with the ball in his hands, but also takes genuine pride in destroying his assignment on both ends of the floor. Thomas is an extremely engaged defender that can force turnovers and push the break at a reliable rate. He scores the ball efficiently from all three levels and possesses quality vision, especially when attacking the basket.


6’4 ’19 Noah Dunn (Greensboro Warriors)

It might sound like a broken record at this point, but Dunn continues to be incredibly productive for this Greensboro Warriors squad. He’s an offensive leader in virtually every way, given how he handles the ball, looks to make plays for others, and relentlessly scores the ball in so many different ways. Dunn seems to have a counter for whatever the opposition throws at him and looks quite comfortable operating in numerous different roles.


5’11 ’20 Khalid Hinds (Greensboro Warriors)

Arguably the unsung hero of this team, Hinds is a guy that simply knows how to win. He’s a true team-first guy that always looks to get others involved, but has the quickness and penetration sense to get to the basket whenever he desires. As smart and reliable as he is offensively, Hinds is even better on defense, where he’s able to consistently mirror his assignment and force on-ball turnovers with frequency.


5’8 ’22 Marc Raye (Team Winston)

There’s a lot to be excited about with Team Winston, especially with Raye at the helm. He’s so smart and savvy, simply able to see the game a few steps ahead of everyone else. Raye is like a coach on the floor, given the way he calmly and maturely spreads the ball around to each of his teammates while still seizing quality scoring opportunities from all levels. He’s slightly undersized, but has no issue playing bigger than his size on both ends of the floor.