NC Empire

6’4 ’20 MJ Wilkerson- There’s so much to like with Wilkerson, who is the clear leader of this group and sets the tone on both ends of the floor. He has great athleticism and physical tools, which he utilizes nicely to rebound the ball and make hustle plays. Wilkerson operated with an excellent motor, scored the ball effectively, and reliably set up his teammates throughout this contest.


6’2 ’19 David Murphy- It’s difficult to understand how Murphy doesn’t have more action surrounding his recruitment. He’s long, smart, active, and able to make contributions on both sides of the ball. Murphy is a polished three-level scorer with quickness and the necessary craftiness to get by opponents at a pretty strong rate. There’s certainly a place for him at the next level, especially upon factoring in his toughness and well-rounded skillset.


Team Winston

6’7 ’20 Jakob Moore- No player has made a more drastic change to their physique than Moore, who looks really impressive with an improved frame and his already proven defensive presence. He has the ability to protect the rim, contain opponents along the perimeter, and switch across all positions, which are all extremely valuable traits, especially for the next level. Moore is a quality athlete with length and toughness.


Team CP3

6’8 ’21 David Dixon- The long, athletic forward/post prospect arguably brought more intrigue than any other player in attendance. He possesses a strong motor, quality two-way feel for the game, and long list of physical tools. Dixon is athletic enough to switch across all positions at this level and has the necessary intelligence to force turnovers at a pretty reliable rate. Dixon is truly just beginning to realize his long-term potential and should develop into a two-way monster sooner than later.


Team Charlotte

6’4 ’21 Bryce Alfino- It’s looking increasingly likely that Alfino has a chance to assert himself as the top sophomore wing in the state. He’s strong, tough, and plays with an incredible two-way motor. Alfino takes zero possessions off and has a defensive presence that truly overwhelms all types of opponents. He scores the ball efficiently from all three levels and attacks the rim with absolute force. Alfino leads by example and simply has that “it” factor.


NC Spartans

6’0 ’21 Jake Kawalec- The point guard prospect was easily among the most polished and productive performers on this court. He led the Spartans in scoring and with his decision-making on both sides of the ball. Kawalec continues to look more comfortable with the ball in his hands and should be a quality contributor for Northwest next season.


Team Wall Southeast

5’6 ’21 Quez Lewis- The quick point guard prospect was able to consistently generate offense for himself and others, especially in transition. He got downhill, attacked the basket, finished through contact, and showed the ability to knock down jumpers from the perimeter. Lewis made smart decisions with the ball in his hands and operated nicely within the team concept.


Team Winston

6’0 ’21 Cam Cormany- The off-guard prospect is easily the most lethal shooting threat on this roster; he can work off the catch or bounce and has a consistent, repeatable form. Cormany is tougher and more defensively sound than opponents seem to think, as he contains his assignment well and makes hustle plays at an excellent rate. He moves nicely without the ball and understands how to position himself for success.


Team Felton

6’0 ’21 Jaden Ellis- The lead guard was arguably the most productive performer from either team during this contest. He made great decisions with the ball, able to get into the paint, create scoring opportunities for himself or others, and finishing strong at the rim. Ellis was a vocal leader throughout this contest and remained poised from start to finish.