5'10 '22 Cameron Johnson (Durham Hurricanes)
Johnson was the top scorer between either team and made the game really simple, by only taking smart shots and layups in transition. He made plays defensively to force turnovers and cause fast-break opportunities. Johnson didn't just hunt for his shot, instead he looked to others whenever possible and showed his unselfishness throughout.

5'9 '22 Jesse Reaves (Durham Hurricanes)
The Hurricanes relied on Reaves as one of their main point guard options, especially in transition, where he showcased a nice layup package. He scored on a variety of floaters and finishes, rarely taking a bad shot or having a miscue on offense. Reaves is quick off the bounce and was a tough two-way guard from start to finish.

5'8 '22 Jayden Hicks (Your Future Basketball)
Hicks went full-throttle from start to finish, playing with a high motor and trying to make plays on both sides of the floor. He displayed an unselfish attitude and exerted noticeable effort on the defensive end. Hicks took advantage of transition opportunities and led his team in scoring as a result.

5'11 '21 Skylar Busby (Team Loaded Stephens)
Everyone knows their role on this team, especially Busby, who has shown his capabilities as a premier defender throughout the day. In each contest, he's taken pride in covering the best opposing player and shutting them down. His combination of athleticism and IQ make him unique defensively, allowing him one through four at this level.

6'3 '21 Sully McDermott (Team Loaded Stephens)
McDermott was their best two-way player throughout the day, displaying an incredibly polished skillset. At a stocky 6-foot-3, he causes matchup problems for every opponent in his path, since he can play inside or out and have success. McDermott has impeccable vision to pair with his incredible feel for the game; he will be one of the most intriguing players to watch grow over the next few years.

6'0 '21 Drew Hendershott (Team Loaded Stephens)
Other than his teammate, Jack Carter, no one shot the ball better than Hendershott, who striped in one three-pointer after another. He drew a lot of attention without the ball due to his shooting ability, but refused to take a bad shot. Hendershott knew his role and how to move without the ball exceptionally well, which opens a considerable amount of space for the knockdown shooter.

6'3 '21 Kaemen Martley (Team Jumpstart)
Despite a lopsided battle, Martley showcased his high motor from start to finish and made plays without needing to score. That being said, he did lead the team in scoring, but also made noticeable contributions on the glass and in transition. Martley is quite productive, mainly because he's always in attack mode and looking to pursue the ball.

5'10 '22 Elijah White (Academy Prep)
White was easily their most productive player on either end of the floor; he touched the ball and made plays more than anyone else. He's a disruptive defender that knows how to force turnovers fairly well. The 5-foot-10 guard is a very willing passer and showed the ability to score on penetration opportunities whenever he desired.

6'4 '22 William Woodard (Academy Prep)
One could argue that Woodard has more upside than anyone across the 14U age group, given his advanced frame and unique feel for the game. He possesses nice length and an intriguing face-up game, able to knock down shots from all three levels, but he can also demand extra attention inside the paint. Woodard's true upside is as an elite rim-protector, which he could become with adequate time.

6'3 '22 Jayden Evans (Academy Prep)
Though Academy Prep won their final contest with relative ease, Evans still enjoyed a quality showing. He will have plenty of time to fill out physically, yet his foundation is already quite strong. Evans knows how to cause matchup issues for opponents and has the potential to be a versatile prospect on both ends of the floor.

5'11 '22 Jowan Ortiz (Your Future Basketball)
Ortiz is likely Your Future Basketball's best prospect, given his size and ability to handle the ball. He played hard in each of their contests, and never mailed it in early. Despite their losses, Ortiz consistently brings intensity to every possession and was one of the main positive takeaways from Saturday at Phenom David Rose.

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