New World-Blue

5’11 ’19 Elijah Hayes- The play of Hayes was critical throughout this contest, as he gave New World just enough scoring to remain competitive. He displayed a solid feel for the game and did a nice job of generating offense all game, especially from three-point range. He provided secondary ball-handling and made plays for others as well.


Team Takeover-Grey

6’0 ’19 Daryl Lackey- The leader of this Takeover squad continues to be Lackey, who seems to step up whenever this team is in need. He scores efficiently from all three levels while consistently beating his opponent off the dribble. Lackey gets downhill with ease and did a nice job of breaking down opposing guards with his IQ and ball-handling.


Team Charlotte
6’3 ’22 Jalen Hood-Schifino- Though young, there are a lot of takeaways from this game that would lead one to believe that Hood-Schifino is their future point guard. He’s so crafty and frequently displays an impressive feel for the game, especially with the ball in his hands. There is plenty of time for him to grow, but he’s already one of the most intriguing prospects in the building.


6’2 ’21 Alphonso Smith- Aside from the aforementioned point guard, Smith is the youngest player on this team, but one would have difficulty figuring that out. He is built with strength and is a pretty fluid athlete, especially for his age, but his maturity and polish shines through. Smith scores pretty well, but he arguably has more value as a defender and ball-handler. There is a lot to like with Smith, especially given his strong complementary role on this team.


Team CP3

6’10 ’20 Dylan Cardwell- There is a prospect on this team for every type of basketball fan, which includes Cardwell, who has just begun to realize his potential as a player. He has excellent size and measurements to go with his thick frame and tough two-way mentality. Cardwell is a strong defensive presence with a ton of upside on offense.


6’3 ’20 Tristan Maxwell- There aren’t many guys who thrive on both ends of the floor, but Maxwell certainly fits that bill. He is a really strong defender, both physically and in terms of ability, but his offensive skillset is what Maxwell hangs his hat on. He is such a gifted shooter and overall scorer when he hunts for shots.


Team Felton

6’9 ’19 Emmanuel Izunabor- The rim-protecting big man has such a well-defined role on this team, doing nothing other than running the floor and making plays. He is a terrific defensive presence, and does so without fouling. Izunabor is a great athlete who looks to play above the rim whenever possible. He displays a high-level feel on defense and fully embraces his role.

6’3 ’19 Jayvis Harvey- Since joining Team Felton, Harvey has continued right where he left off, building his reputation as a cold-blooded scorer. He has a strong IQ and knows how to create opportunities for himself. He’s been showcasing a lot of quality passing skills over the last few weeks and is playing at a really high level right now.


TMP Elite

5’10 ’21 Denham Wojcik- There are a lot of quality prospects on this team, but few people give Wojcik enough credit for his two-way play. He’s somewhat small and doesn’t possess great athleticism, but Wojcik is one of the most fundamentally sound players across the entire CP3 Live landscape. He plays incredibly meticulous basketball and really knows how to do it all on offense, but is also a way better defender than the common perception would imply.


5’11 ’19 Joseph Powell- The combo-guard is going to be a really solid college player, given his exceptionally high IQ and overall feel for the game. He rarely makes mistakes on either end of the floor and can initiate the offense or play without the ball. Powell isn’t flashy, but he is always effective.


Team CP3

6’8 ’19 Rico Williams- The combo-forward is a one-of-a-kind athlete with the ability to effectively defend three or four positions at this level. He excels on defense, but still has a lot of upside on offense. However, his main offensive approach is playing above the rim for putbacks and dunks.


6’7 ’19 Antavion Collum- Their other combo-forward is Collum, who simply does a lot of everything on the hardwood. He has rapidly improved as a ball-handler and passer over the last year, but remains a pretty strong all-around scorer. Collum is amidst his final stage of deciding where he’ll further his career.


Team Denver-NC

6’3 ’19 Jordan Stowe- The strong-bodied forward has continued to receive more and more playing time over the last few weeks, and has done a solid job making the most of those minutes. He may be undersized for the position, but his stocky frame and brute strength make him a headache for opponents to handle.


6’1 ’19 Cody Cline- The multipurpose wing prospect is the glue-guy of this team, able to check in and simply make plays without needing to score. Cline is a team-first player and it is reflected in the way he plays. Every team is better off with a guy like Cline somewhere on their roster.