Team Winston

6’7 ’19 Zack Austin- The two-way forward has been on an absolute tear since the travel ball season began and this contest was no different. He showed flashes of dominance on defense, utilizing his length and athleticism extremely well to alter shots and accumulate deflections. Austin is pretty skilled and can do a variety of different things on offense, from creating off the bounce to cutting without the ball to posting up smaller opponents. It’s almost unfathomable to think that he doesn’t hold at least a handful of Division I offers, as he has the necessary skill, athleticism, and intelligence to succeed anywhere he goes.


5’11 ’20 Stephen Minor- The point guard prospect is among the main leaders for this Team Winston squad, as he consistently sets the tone on both ends of the floor. Minor seems to always make the right read and offers an excellent balance between scoring and playmaking. He leads in every possible way, from communication to taking care of the ball, and knows how to dictate the action fairly well from start to finish. Minor is well-rounded, has no real holes within his skillset, and should make a college coach really happy at the next level.


WBC Elite

6’1 ’20 JaJuan Carr- The point guard prospect is simply wired to lead by example in every facet of the game. Carr is almost always the smartest player in the gym and displays a strong understanding of how to consistently manipulate opposing defenses. He is a crafty playmaker with excellent vision and the ability to see the entire floor at all times. That being said, Carr is also a lethal scorer that can heat up and get going from all three levels. He attacks the basket with more relentlessness than nearly any player in the state and draws fouls at an incredible rate. He is a terrific athlete that can lock up opposing guards with relative ease. Carr is a special type of talent that could truly succeed at any level in the Division I ranks.


Fayetteville Flash

6’5 ’20 Miles Ray- The strong-bodied wing prospect was among the most productive performers from this contest. He showcased the ability to operate as a primary ball-handler, create opportunities for himself or others, and attack the basket with regularity. Ray is a nice athlete with size, which allows him to absorb contact and finish above the rim at a pretty strong rate. He’s smart and knows how to impact the game well on both sides of the ball.


6’5 ’20 Trevon Jackson- The undersized big man played an exceptional role for the Flash throughout this contest. He operates with such a strong motor and gives maximum effort on every single possession, which tends to overwhelm opposing post players. Jackson utilizes his body well to clear out space and secure rebounds, but also does a great job of pursuing loose balls from outside of his area.


Team Wall SE

6’10 ’20 Jacquez Shuler- The big man was easily the most intriguing prospect on this squad, given his physical gifts and quality athleticism. He has a strong body with incredible length, which allows him to play tough and protect the rim at a solid rate. Shuler runs the floor with purpose and has a team-first approach on both sides of the floor. It’ll be exciting to see how he develops on offense going forward, as he has the natural tools to become a very useful player.


Juice All-Stars

6’10 ’20 Kharye Cayne- The long, wiry post prospect has arguably been the most impressive rim-protector on display throughout the weekend. He has impeccable timing and does a phenomenal job of altering/blocking shots without fouling. Cayne moves very well for his size and should be able to continue adding strength over the next few years. He should be an absolute lock for the Division I level, so it’ll be interesting to see what programs begin pursuing him.


6’4 ’20 AJ Thompson- There were times when Thompson stood out as the most polished offensive threat for this team. He created space with relative ease and scored the ball effectively from all three levels. Thompson also sports excellent length and has a terrific frame for his position, which allows him to cause havoc on both ends of the floor. He’s smart, fairly athletic, and attacks the basket pretty well. Thompson showcased quality vision and proved to be an excellent playmaker when looking to create for others.


New Light Disciples

6’5 ’20 Isaiah Ray- The well-rounded wing prospect displayed a lot of poise and polish throughout this contest. He highlighted creation skills in transition and the half-court, able to see the entire floor and making the right play whenever possible. Ray possesses a quality frame and understands how to operate within a variety of different roles. He scored efficiently and rebounded well on both ends of the floor.