6'6 '20 Garreth Edgecome (Defenders Elite) 

The unsigned senior was easily one of the more impressive performers throughout this contest. Edgecome caught heat early on and was able to consistently assert himself as a spot-up threat. He has great size and length, but also understands how to embrace his role without forcing the action on offense. 

6'4 '21 Camren Little (Charlotte Nets Gainey)

The long, wiry, high-motor wing was very effective throughout this contest, despite the narrow deficit. Little defended with purpose, attacked the basket, and made numerous quality passes. His game isn't flashy, but certainly useful on both ends of the floor. Little should emerge as a strong contributor during the upcoming season. 

5'11 '23 Trey Green (Team Charlotte)

It should be unsurprising to see Green's name on a list of standouts, considering how seamlessly he runs a team on both ends of the floor. Easily one of the smartest floor generals in the state, Green simply makes the game incredibly easy for his surrounding teammates. His high-level combination of scoring and playmaking never seems to waver, which makes him such a difficult matchup for opposing guards. Division I programs should closely monitor over the next few years. 

6'9 '22 Jai Smith (Tea Marie)

There are numerous Division I prospects on this roster, but Smith is arguably the most physically-imposing of them all. He has great size, strength, and length, which allow him to control the paint on both ends of the floor. Smith displays solid feel and footwork out of the post, and looks to finish above the rim whenever possible. He moves well for his size and should have a ton of suitors at the next level. 

6'5 '21 Jadin Penigar (Team Vision)

The newest addition to this Team Vision squad has been pretty productive throughout the weekend. Penigar is a versatile, fairly well-rounded wing prospect with the ability to do a little bit of everything on the court. He can make plays with the ball in his hands or find scoring opportunities as an off-ball threat. Penigar also displays a quality feel for the game on both ends of the floor. 

5'10 '21 Clay Hodges (Carolina Riptide)

No matter the situation, one can bank on the toughness and leadership of Hodges, who seems to make a consistent impact regardless of his scoring totals. He's smart, rugged, and looks to get others involved as much as possible. Hodges plays with a high motor and shows a strong willingness to do the dirty work. 

6'3 '21 Caleb Weatherbee (CC Elite)

The well-rounded guard prospect was arguably the most reliable scoring threat for CC Elite throughout this contest. Weatherbee scored in a variety of ways, but also highlighted solid passing and rebounding instincts. He played hard at all times and made hustle plays as a result. 

5'10 '23 Seth Johnson (Team Together)

Despite being the youngest player on this roster, Johnson was able to make a quality impact from start to finish. He's somewhat thin and undersized, but has the IQ and ability to stand out as one of their more consistent scorers. 

6'8 '21 Saiquone Harris (Juice All-Stars Stephenson)

It's easy to see why Harris continues to be regarded as a Division I prospect, as he has the tools to succeed at a variety of different programs. He's long, athletic, and skilled with a strong feel for the game. Harris is capable of being the focal point of an offense or making plays within a role, which should make him even more appealing. It would be shocking if his recruitment didn't continue to trend upward. 

6'6 '21 Juwelz Hargrove (Cobras 2021)

In terms of pure upside, few guys can match what Hargrove brings to the table. He's a long, athletic wing prospect with great size and fluidity for his position. Hargrove was quite consistent in this showing, scoring in various ways, rebounding on both ends, and causing problems for his assignment on defense. 

6'0 '21 Joshua Mosley (Capital City Pacers)

The Capital City Pacers came out of the gate with ferocity, and Mosley was providing a lot of positive plays. He attacked off the bounce, made great setup passes, and scored in various different ways. Mosley is a useful defender with unselfishness and the ability to play well within his role. 

6'3 '21 Calik Thomas (Anthony Morrow Elite)

There are a lot of players on this roster who should expect a boost in recruitment, and Thomas is certainly towards the top of that list. He's a knockdown three-point shooter with great mechanics and a quick release, but also regularly highlights his ability to operate off the bounce. Thomas is a reliable defender and rebounder with solid vision and a well-rounded identity. 

6'8 '23 Mekhi Grant (Team Charlotte)

In terms of standout performances, Grant's was easily one of the best throughout the second day of action. He's physically-advanced with a quality amount of skill and overall understanding of the game on both ends of the floor. However, Grant took another step forward today and showcased an aggressive streak'both when attacking the basket and protecting the rim. He's absolutely brimming with remaining upside, but should still be poised to take another leap during the high school season. 

6'4 '22 Christian Cornish (Team Eat)

Though he's built like a football player, Cornish continues to impress with his abilities on the hardwood. For starters, his motor and never-say-die attitude is always going to carry him far. That being said, Cornish also possesses great size, athleticism, and skill, which makes him a matchup problem for majority of opponents. He moves very well to be so big, and should have a very important role during the upcoming season. 

6'10 '23 Jaydin Spillman (Lions 2.0)

The Lions 2.0 squad was quietly one of the more exciting teams on display, and Spillman is a massive part of their appeal. He's added strength, gotten more fluid, and continues to block shots at a quality level. Spillman displays touch with either hand and is capable of stepping out and knocking down perimeter jumpers. He's full of upside and should become a Division I priority sooner than later.