6’5 ’20 Trent McIntyre (Piedmont Classical)

There are a ton of exciting prospects on this Piedmont Classical team, but few are as productive as McIntyre on a game-to-game basis. It’s honestly somewhat surprising that he hasn’t started get recruited on the Division I level, simply because his approach, mentality, and skillset never waver. He has IQ, size, and phenomenal two-way versatility, which allows him to lead and actively toggle between various roles. McIntyre sets the tone with his defense, applies nonstop pressure in transition, and makes consistently intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands. It’s easy to like his nearly mistake-free game. 

5’10 ’22 Cam Oates (Trinity Christian)

This Trinity Christian squad has to be regarded as one of the deepest, most talented teams in the state, especially with Oates at the helm. He’s a calm, steady floor general with obvious IQ and polish, which allows him to consistently dictate the offensive action and make quality decisions with the ball in his hands. Oates creates effortlessly off the dribble, highlighting a strong combination of quickness, craftiness, and unselfishness. He has great vision and scores the ball pretty efficiently from all three levels. Although still young, Oates is a winner and clear difference-maker who will benefit a program at the next level. 

6’8 ’20 Todd Burt (Trinity Christian)

Few players can match the amount of sheer size that Trinity Christian possesses, and Burt is arguably the most impressive long-term prospect of the group. He’s long, active, and extremely explosive, but also highlights a pretty useful amount of skill. Burt moves very well for his size and knows how to rebound the ball at a consistent rate on both ends of the floor. He utilizes his length nicely to alter shots and finish over the outstretched arms of defenders. 

6’2 ’20 Justin Wright (Farmville Central)

It should come as no surprise, but Wright continues to shine as the clear, undisputed leader of this Farmville Central squad. His IQ, decisive decision-making, and ability to absolutely destroy the opposition as a scorer or playmaker are simply phenomenal. Wright is never rushed, has the ball on a string at all times, and displays impressive craftiness, which allows him to truly control the offensive action with relative ease. He can create space, regardless of defender, and possesses special shot-making chops. Wright exudes confidence and leadership, and should remain a steal for NC Central. 

6’3 ’21 Terquavion Smith (Farmville Central)

Few players in the entire state possess Smith’s blend of athleticism and knockdown three-point shooting, but that’s a big part of what made him a must-have prospect for NC State. He’s been excellent throughout this contest, showing his ability to apply nonstop offensive pressure without even needing the ball in his hands. Smith handles and passes the ball pretty well, especially for someone that isn’t expected to do a ton of creating. He also possesses great defensive tools and instincts, which allows him to overwhelm his assignment and force turnovers at a quality rate. 

6’0 ’20 Collin Guilford (Greenfield)

Each of the guards on this Greenfield roster brings something different to the table, including Guilford, who offers a smooth, steady two-way presence. He knows how to assert himself as a scorer whenever they need a bucket but also does a great job of spotting-up and making smart decisions with or without the ball. Guilford is a useful ball-handler and overall defender that plays conservatively and doesn’t force the action. 

6’6 ’22 Jalen Hood-Schifino (Combine Academy)

It feels like whenever Combine Academy needs a leader to emerge, Hood-Schifino is the guy who is always ready to step up. Known for his crafty, intelligent playmaking sense, he’s also showcased his ability to get downhill and apply scoring pressure anywhere inside the arc. Hood-Schifino has great positional size, which is part of what makes him such an excellent defender and two-way rebounder. He plays with a tremendous pace to his game and never seems to be rushed with the ball in his hands. Hood-Schifino should continue to get recruited at the highest possible level. 

6’11 ’20 Isaiah Cottrell (Huntington Prep)

This Huntington Prep roster is loaded with high-major prospects from top to bottom, and Cottrell has to be among the most enticing of the group. He’s so big and strong but also possesses phenomenal touch and timing, which allows him to anchor the paint extremely well on both ends of the floor. Cottrell really doesn’t require offensive touches to make a constant impact on the game, given his defensive and rebounding presence. His toughness and ability to embrace his role with make him a terrific asset at West Virginia for the foreseeable future. 

6’2 ’21 Brayon Freeman (Huntington Prep)

Although he typically shares the backcourt with Hoggard, Freeman is an exceptional game manager and two-way leader. He offers a very calm, steady offensive presence with a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. Freeman touches the paint at a quality rate and displays great vision and toughness when attacking the basket. He’s a rugged, scrappy defender with quickness and sharp anticipation instincts. 

6’3 ’21 Darrius Davis (Moravian Prep)

In terms of defensive players within North Carolina, one would be hard-pressed to find many better than Davis. He’s so suffocating as an on-ball defender, able to truly mirror his assignment and force them in whichever direction he chooses. Davis is one of those guys that doesn’t need to touch the ball a single time on offense but still makes an incredible impact. That being said, he’s also a smart, well-rounded offensive threat with the ability to create for others and score in a variety of different ways. His recruitment is one that should continue to trend upward over the next two years. 

6’9 ’20 Josh Hall (Moravian Prep)

Now that he’s already proven to be an elite jump shooter, Hall has placed a stronger emphasis on showcasing all facets of his game. He looks to attack the rim, pull-up from midrange, and does a quality job of creating for himself and others. Hall continues to add strength, which has directly improves his rebounding and overall defensive presence. He knows how to be the primary cog in an efficient offense, and that’ll likely continue upon arriving at NC State. 

6’6 ’20 Justin Thomas (Village Christian)

The appeal with Thomas should be fairly obvious, given the fact that he’s a smart, skilled, 6-foot-6 athlete with a smooth skillset and phenomenal long-term upside. He has the ability to initiate offense or play without the ball and apply scoring pressure. Although Thomas is already very productive, it feels like he’s still under-recruited in the bigger scheme of things. He’s the type of player that could legitimately continue to get better at the next level, especially with additional strength.