6’4 ’23 Jah Short (Garner Road)

There’s a lot to like about this Garner Road roster, and Short has absolutely shined as their leader on both sides of the ball. He’s long, athletic, and quite skilled with impressive defensive prowess. Short has undergone a lot of physical development over the last calendar year, but still looks likely to continue improving. He has no glaring weaknesses and already possesses the necessary tools to be a star and Division I priority sooner than later. 

6’2 ’23 Jordan Durham (Garner Road)

The appeal should be fairly obvious with a long, rangy wing prospect like Durham, who stood out as one of the more productive players from this contest. He possesses an incredible frame and a pretty smooth offensive arsenal. Durham scores the ball at an efficient rate from multiple levels and can assume ball-handling/playmaking duties when necessary. He’s definitely a prospect worth noting for the future. 

6’8 ’21 Saiquone Harris (Juice All-Stars)

Though he’s already possessed a ton of talent, Harris has made clear strides as a leader over the last few months. At 6-foot-8 with a versatile, inside-out skillset, Harris is a walking mismatch for most opponents. He’s long, skilled, and can adjust his approach based on matchup, which makes him even tougher to contain. Harris is a quality athlete that can rebound, defend multiple positions, and make plays in transition. He should see an uptick in his recruitment sooner than later.

6’5 ’21 Isaiah Ray (Garner Road)

No one can deny the amount of appeal within this roster, but Ray is arguably the main x-factor to their overall success. His well-rounded approach allows him to consistently affect all facets of the game within the flow of the team structure. Ray is smart, versatile, and capable of defending three to four positions comfortably. He doesn’t necessarily need to be the primary focus in order to make a lasting impact on both ends of floor. Ray simply makes plays and should see more action within his recruitment over the next few months. 

6’8 ’21 Nick Boone (Garner Road Whitley)

Few teams in attendance are more balanced than Garner Road Whitley, and Boone is arguably as valuable as anyone on the roster. He’s long, wiry, and plays with a high motor on both ends of the floor. Boone alters and blocks a ton of shots while also rebounding the ball at a fairly consistent rate. He runs the floor well in transition and converts on majority of his attempts around the basket. 

6’2 ’23 Treymane Parker (Big Shots Elite Lewis)

It might sound like a broken record at this point, but Parker continues to epitomize what it means to be a special player. He’s a leader with the all-around to genuinely dominate in any setting, regardless of opponent or surrounding teammates. Parker is a high-level guard with an incredible balance between scoring and playmaking. He’s efficient and picks his spots with ease, but also highlights brilliant IQ and quality athleticism. Though it should already be the case, Parker will eventually emerge as a major Division I target.

6’6 ’22 John Kurkis (Overtime Grind)

Though very unassuming, Kurkis was undeniably impressive in this showing for Overtime Grind. He’s a well-rounded post prospect that makes up for his lack of size with unparalleled grit and ruggedness. Kurkis willingly does all the dirty work, but also displays the ability to score and control the glass quite well. He’s a solid athlete with an excellent motor, which allows him to consistently make an impact. 

6’3 ’23 Will Brimmer (East Carolina Phenomz)

Easily one of the most intriguing long-term prospects in the building, Brimmer already has an incredible amount of polish to his game. Though young, he checks all the boxes that Division I programs should be looking for. Brimmer is smart, smooth, and very tough. Add in his impressive physical tools and ability to generate quality looks from all over the floor, and the appeal should be obvious. Brimmer is an exceptional three-level scorer and definitely a name worth noting.

6’8 ’22 Sam Perez (Hoop Wall Street)

After transferring and reclassifying, Perez has only continued to solidify himself as a Division I talent. He should’ve been regarded as such prior to his move, but his contributions have been impressive nonetheless. Perez is a tough, rugged, inside-out forward with the ability to play various different roles and score in numerous ways. He plays noticeably hard at all times, especially when fighting for rebounds or loose balls, and refuses to back down from any opponent. Perez’s stock should steadily rise over the next calendar year. 

6’5 ’22 AJ Smith (Team Charlotte)

It’s crazy how folks (and college coaches) weren’t already sold on Smith as a prospect in the Class of 2021. Now that he’s reclassified, it should be glaringly obvious how much appeal he possesses at the next level. Smith is big, strong, athletic, and versatile with the necessary IQ and polish to shine as a major contributor on both ends of the floor. He can defend multiple positions, outrebound opposing guards/wings, and make plays without needing to be the offensive focal point. Smith remains an obvious Division I prospect. 

6’3 ’24 Zion Collins (Worthy Elite)

Despite playing up and operating within a different role, Collins still shined as one of the most impressive prospects on this roster. He didn’t get a ton of scoring opportunities but the IQ, polish, and overall savvy is quite evident in the way he moves and sees the game unfold. That being said, Collins certainly has the skill, vision, and craftiness to effortlessly control the action on both ends of the floor. Add in his size and Collins will be one to monitor going forward.