6'5 '21 Dessie Canty (Upward Stars Watson)

Despite some ups and downs as a team, Canty found a way to make an impact on this contest while standing out as their most enticing long-term prospect. He's long, wiry, skilled, and plays with a nice blend of smoothness and physicality. Canty displays a great feel for the game and can create for himself or others with relative ease. 

6'3 '21 Zachary Duguld (CC Elite)

While this team has stood out as one of the better shooting squads on display, Duguld probably possesses the strongest blend between skill and athleticism. He plays much bigger than his size would imply, especially defensively, and seamlessly toggles between playing in the paint and along the perimeter. Duguld battles for rebounds while highlighting great toughness around the basket. 

6'0 '21 Jordon Nelson (Charlotte Royals)

This group has been incredibly balanced over the last two weekends, and Nelson deserves the necessary credit for his role. He's a well-rounded guard that can play either backcourt position due to his blend of passing and perimeter shooting. Nelson plays with great pace to his game and displays toughness on both ends of the floor. He's a quality defender that only seems to make positive plays on offense. 

6'7 '20 Tyrese Gwinn (Defenders Elite)

The Defenders Elite squad has been playing quite well throughout the summer, and Gwinn has done a nice job of making an impact around the basket. He lacks strength but plays hard and utilizes his length to disrupt the action. Gwinn battles for rebounds and runs the floor well in transition. 

6'3 '21 Janyle Pittman (Carolina Pressure)

The Carolina Pressure organization is certainly one of the better travel ball programs within South Carolina, and Pittman is a massive part of their appeal. Though somewhat undersized, he is an absolute monster that produces in all facets of the game. Pittman is long, explosive, and has added a noticeable amount to his perimeter arsenal. He should have a ton of scholarship-level coaches buzzing. 

6'6 '22 BJ Freeman (Team Eat)

In terms of overall development, no prospect on this roster has progressed more than Freeman. He's extremely skilled and understands how to control the offensive action in a variety of ways, whether as a creator or off-ball scorer, and can score the ball with efficiency from all over the floor. Freeman utilizes his body to create space off the dribble and when pursuing rebounds. He should continue to get offers from a variety of Division I programs. 

6'3 '21 John Anthony Baker (Wilkes Hoop Group)

The Wilkes Hoop Group were steady and balanced throughout the entirety of this contest, and Baker epitomizes who they are as a team. He's extremely smart and well-rounded, which allows him to seamlessly run a team or make an impact without the ball in his hands. Baker is a reliable playmaker and all-around scoring threat with the understanding of how to defend and rebound. 

5'8 '23 De'Mahjae Clark (Garner Road WV)

Despite the loss, Garner Road showcased a variety of talented players within their roster, which includes Clark. He's the youngest prospect on the team but also stood out as one of the most productive throughout this contest. Clark is very quick and gets downhill with regularity, where he's able to finish or make plays for others. He also displayed quality decision-making in transition. 

6'7 '21 Caleb Farrish (Team Trezz)

While there were many standouts for Team Trezz, Farrish had an excellent showing within his role. He's steady and knows how to remain effective with or without the ball in his hands. Farrish displayed touch, floor-spacing ability, and an understanding of how to utilize his length to disrupt his assignment. He's a well-rounded player that does a nice job of affecting various facets of the game. 

6'5 '21 JP Haggarty (PSB UA Rise)

Numerous players on this roster could be the feature talent for other teams, which certainly includes Haggarty. After refining his body over the last calendar year, he looks as smooth and fluid as ever. Haggarty was already extremely skilled but simply looked like more of a forward than a wing due to his sturdy frame. However, he's shown the clear makings of a next-level wing and should see an uptick in his recruitment as a result. 

5'8 '22 Chris McCullough (Next Level SC)

Though slightly undersized, it's easy to appreciate the tough, rugged approach of McCullough. He proved to be a useful creator and was able to attack the basket or access his midrange pull-up quite regularly. McCullough is a very energetic defender with a quick first step and the ability to make plays in transition. 

6'6 '22 Ernest Harris III (Team Trezz)

In terms of pure upside, arguably no prospect on this roster has more long-term appeal than Harris. He has great physical tools, touch around the basket, and nice fluidity at this stage in his development. Harris runs the floor well in transition and understands how to utilize his size and length around the basket defensively. 

6'1 '21 Josh McClary (Charlotte Nets McClary)

At this point, it's simply impossible to ignore the unwavering dominance of McClary as the leader of this group. He's so smart, crafty, and truly understands how to control the offensive action with IQ and poise. McClary can pass, attack the basket, pull-up off the dribble, or hit jumpers from beyond the arc. He's also a reliable defender and rebounder, especially for his position, and deserves more action within his recruitment. 

6'10 '23 Jaydin Spillman-Martin (Carolina Rising Stars)

The appeal should be fairly obvious with Spillman-Martin, who has trended upward as much as anyone over the last calendar year. Though the flashes were evident, he's turned to a legitimate high-level player that Division I programs should be prioritizing. Spillman-Martin has great touch, rim-protection instincts, and overall fluidity for his size/position. He's continued to show development in his ball skills and overall perimeter ability.

6'9 '22 Issiah Sutherland (Charlotte Supreme)

Charlotte Supreme has easily been one of the more competitive teams on display this summer, and Sutherland fits their overall identity as well as anyone on the roster. He's a long, wiry post prospect with a nonstop motor and the ability to create havoc defensively. He utilizes his length well around the basket and runs the floor hard in transition.