ESPN and 247Sports updated their rankings this week and !27! players listed will be featured in Phenom Hoops’ Event Series throughout the 2019-20 season.

What does this mean?  It means that you should start marking your calendars because these dates are can’t miss!!

Phenom Hoops’ High School Series is going to be off the charts this year. With the addition of one of the best and most established event coordinators in the country, Webb Wellman, Phenom Hoops event series will not only bring some of the nation’s premier high school talent to the stage, but it will be an atmosphere and exposure like no other event series in this country.

Unlike other event coordinators, Phenom Hoops is doing a series of events; not just one blow out but 11 events throughout the region for the fans. Of course, a majority of the events will be in our home state, the Hoop State, North Carolina, but South Carolina and West Virginia will also be getting events like nothing else they have seen.

The 2020 class is loaded with talent, with the likes of Isaiah Todd, Cam Thomas, MarJon Beauchamp, Jaemyn Brakefield, Henry Coleman, and Josh Hall all making waves among the nation’s top 50 prospects. All of these players will be playing in various events on Phenom Hoops’ Event Series this year.

These are dudes, the ones who pack out the gyms and makes plays that go viral immediately as the plays are seen all over the internet. Not to mention, the schools on each of these kids’ final lists, as expected, are the biggest names in college basketball; Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State, UNC and more.

Looking toward the future, ESPN’s 2021 Top 60 featured six players showcased in the series. 6’11” Charles Bediako is slated as Canada’s top prospect in this age group. South Carolina’s top prospect is John Butler, with a big national reputation, and North Carolina’s top prospects in the rankings are Bryce McGowens and Cam Hayes.  Not to mention, Josh Primo and Frankie Collins, coming from Arizona, will all be coming to different events within the series.

If you’re not excited enough yet, look at the viral sensations Jimma Gatwech and Elijah Fisher. Gatwech took the country by storm this summer with his dunks and being dubbed as the “best dunker in the world;” look him up … WOW!! Fisher is being dubbed as the best prospect ever to come from Canada. Now we are saying that right now, but numerous respected people are saying the same thing behind closed doors. Fisher will be at the top 2023 prospect in the rankings.

2022 is no different in the eyes of ESPN’s national rankings. You got Jaden Bradley coming in at number 8, MJ Rice coming in at number 13 and Jalen Hood-Schifino at 22.

There are 27 players ranked among the countries very best! Max Preps has called Phenom Hoops events as “Must-See hoops tournaments.” USA Today has written up some Phenom events as among the Nation’s Top.

Be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks for the exact event names, locations, and dates of all 11 events in Phenom Hoops’ Event Series.

Following that, we will announce teams and players for each specific event and then the schedules…

But one thing, rest assured these are 11 events you don’t want to miss!!