The great part of any Phenom 150 Exposure Camp is the platform it provides to allow players to breakout. Every camp we host, there are numerous prospects we already know, prospects who we haven’t seen in a while and prospects we have never heard of and are putting eyes on for the first time. The platform has been built as such that every student-athlete in attendance gets seen and gets an opportunity to live out their dreams at the appropriate level. The inaugural ENC Phenom 150 Exposure Camp was no different.

Here are the standouts by class, some of them we knew well, some we hadn’t seen in a while and some we had not heard of prior …


6’1” Armon Muldrew
Panther Creek HS (Morrisville, NC)
This was our first viewing of Muldrow and he brought it all to the table. Off the rip, you see he has a strong and explosive build. In the game, you see a vocal leadership you want your lead guards to have. Muldrow shot the ball well, touched the paint often, defended the point of attack and passed the ball with precision. Yes, not a lot of holes in his game. Unknown to this point, expect to see him enter the rankings and also, D1 coaches should go ahead and make Panther Creek a stop on September 9.

5’11” Mason Grigg
Northwestern HS (Rock Hill, SC)
Grigg is a player that left everyone talking who was in the gym. Of course, we have been talking about Grigg for a couple of years now, but his game is one you have to see to believe. After a summer in which you didn’t hear much coming from him, he is back and ready to take names. Grigg is an above the rim athlete, catching putbacks and alley-oops. He has a tough handle, a smooth shot with range and he sees the floor well. Scholarship coaches, get excited about Grigg again, as he is coming back better than ever. Even though he may not pass your look test, he will bust up a lot of the guys you are recruiting on the court.

6’7” Eric Henderson
Atlantic Shores (Virginia Beach, VA)
Our first viewing of Henderson was during our June Team Camp where he opened our eyes. He came back and had a good All American Camp in July and now in August, Henderson has showcased his full realm of effectiveness. He has great length, but it is his versatile skill set that really set the tone here. Henderson knocked down multiple 3s, ran the floor well and showcased the ability to set up on the wing, the high post or the free throw extended and put the ball on the floor to create. In this setting, Henderson finished at the basket and battled on the boards. He still has the look of a full scholarship player who has his best basketball ahead of him.

6’5” Colin Radcliffe
Living Water Christian (Richlands, NC)
Radcliffe was named MVP of a Phenom 150 camp last year and he continued those ways in this setting as he was nominated for a couple of awards here. With great size, Radcliffe has a complete game for a wing. He is explosive, he has a nice downhill handle, he gets to his spots, he rebounds and defends, and he can really shoot the ball. This is nothing new after watching him during the high school season and in multiple camps, he’s always been this guy. It’s a wonder why he doesn’t have numerous full money scholarship offers, but that time is coming. He has reclassified to the 2020 class and colleges should be doing all they can to get him in.

6’2” Jay Hickman
Northwood Temple (Fayetteville, NC)
Hickman is a noted shooter, a marksman with deep range and consistency. He has shown that in every setting as we have seen him a lot over the years. What he showcased in this setting was his ability to handle and initiate. He took care of possessions, distributed the ball well and overall made plays. This goes to show that Hickman, who has great length and a very projectable frame, can act as a secondary ball-handler as well as a noted floor stretcher/scorer. There continues to be so much to like here, scholarships should be flowing to him. In line for a big senior year, it will be interesting to see who is first in line, have a feeling once that program comes in, more will follow.