6’8” Asa White
Garner Magnet (Garner, NC)
White came into the camp with a big reputation and he did nothing to dispel that with his play. It is easy to see as he walks onto the floor with a long and fluid frame. He rebounds the ball and pushes the break and he has a projectable inside/out game. Things are still coming together for White, but make no mistake, he has all the tools to be a highest level type recruit.


6’1” Nik Graves
Durham Academy (Durham, NC)
Graves was incredibly crafty with the ball in his hands, and with that craft came extreme confidence. The lefty, played at a great pace, showcasing an excellent first step, and he won every point guard matchup he had, on the day. Graves has a good positional size already and is the son of a coach, which you can tell. With the ball on a string, dead-eye passing ability and touch extending beyond three, as he continues to get stronger look for his name, and ranking, to continue to rise.


6’8” CJ Collins
West Craven HS (Chocowinity, NC)
Collins walks through the door and you just see it. He has a legit size with wide-set shoulders, big feet, and arms that swing down by his knees. The projection is there and it is very clear at first glance. After you watch him play, you see natural athleticism and hand-eye coordination. You see him catching the ball well and some touch. Bigs take a little bit longer, be patient here, he’s very enticing.


5’11” Gunner Walters
Mt Tabor HS (Winston Salem, NC)
Walters came into camp as an unknown, not because of his play, but because he is new to the state, coming from Michigan. The second he stepped on the floor you take note of his court vision and passing ability. The way he cut the floor with various angles and looked off defenders to get his teammates open. He is the son of a coach and a former NBA player, and it shows. Walters was Mr. Playmaker for the camp.


6’6” Chatham Lambiotte
Cape Fear Academy (Wilmington, NC)
Lambiotte is a big and strong wide-body, you notice him immediately because of this. However, once the ball is tipped, it is his motor that shines bright. On both ends of the floor, throughout the course of the game, you see Lambiotte keeping possessions alive both with rebounding and hustle plays. He does a good job finishing around the basket and showcased his ability to knock down catch and shoot threes. His father was a former McDonald’s All American, so Lambiotte comes by it honestly.