Elijah is a true floor general! He has a solid handle and is a strong ball handler, excellent vision and passing skills and is a smart, high IQ playmaker. He is a tough, scrappy competitor exerting great effort on both ends of the floor showing great poise and confidence not often found in a player so young. He earned a spot on the DeMatha varsity team this summer after earning MVP honors last season on the junior varsity team competing in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference which is considered by many basketball experts to be the best high school basketball conference on the country! Elijah is a tremendous athlete, incredibly quick, capable of creating offense without benefit of a screen as he can blow by many defenders demonstrating elite level quickness or break down his man with his crafty and quick handle. He has a quick and powerful first step driving left or right, changes gears impressively and has the ability to turn the corner and get into the paint frequently. Elijah has an assortment of crossovers and hesitations in his arsenal to set up the pull-up jumper or drives to the rim. He demonstrates patience as he seeks out driving lanes or finds cutters. His ability to score from all levels and his elite passing skills keeps constant pressure on the defense. He has proven to be very difficult to stay in front of with his ability to change speeds, stop abruptly and accelerate quickly coupled with quick and powerful crossover dribbles or inside out dribbles executed skillfully and with change of pace action to keep his defenders off balance.

He can stop on a dime and elevate into the jumper from all levels and angles or stop and use any number of breakdown dribble moves and then explode into seams and get to the rim. Elijah is a skill based finisher using floaters and creating angles for himself around the basket. He has a nice array of finishing moves with the ability to hang in the air and get his shot off over taller defenders or absorb contact and get his shot off. Can finish with both hands around the basket. Elijah is a pass first point guard capable of making quick reads and the right read and find open teammates.

He does a great job on penetrate and kick opportunities, has sound decision making skills and takes care of the basketball. He looks off defenders; uses pass fakes effectively and delivers passes in a timely manner. Elijah is dangerous in transition pushing the ball quickly while scoping the floor to make the pass ahead, he's very quick getting foul line to foul line. Elijah's defense is predicated on effort. He is tenacious on the ball and uses his quick feet and low center of gravity to stay in front of the dribbler with disruptive and relentless ball pressure. He has excellent anticipation skills and plays the passing lanes well. Also drops sown and grabs a few rebounds per game. He makes hustle plays on the defensive end and his quick twitch reaction allows him to impact games on the defensive end. Elijah is an exciting player with so much promise. He has already picked up offers from IUPUI and Wyoming on a list guaranteed to grow much longer as his high school career progresses.

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