#69- 6’2 ’22 Christian Ferguson- Long, wiry, and extremely active on both ends of the floor. He displayed quality ball skills and communicated throughout their first showing of the day. Ferguson ran the floor and utilized his length exceptionally well when protecting the rim. His skillset continues to blossom and he looks likely to continue improving. Ferguson has a quality feel for the game and possesses great leadership qualities.


#83- 6’3 ’20 Jamel McGowen- Long-bodied wing prospect with solid two-way instincts. He defends well and is a capable all-around scorer. McGowen plays with a solid motor and understands how to operate within himself.


#87- 6’3 ’23 Merel Burgess- Strong, sturdy post prospect that rebounds his position well and dictates the action inside the paint. He’s left-handed, but finishes quite well with either hand. Burgess is somewhat of a throwback type of player, but truly embraces his skillset on both ends of the floor.


#43- 5’10 ’20 Sam Laydon- High-IQ guard prospect that efficiently scores from all three levels, but is also capable of creating for others with relative ease. Laydon doesn’t force the action and makes excellent decisions with the ball in his hands.


#42- 5’10 ’20 Payton Lewis- Somewhat undersized floor general that plays with phenomenal scrappiness on defense. He competes on every possession and makes the right play with consistency. Lewis is an unselfish, willing passer with really strong vision and the necessary quickness to get where he wants off the bounce.


#47- 6’3 ’20 Tyler Bowens- Few players have been more impressive than the strong-bodied wing prospect. He’s added weight since our last viewing and now possesses the guard skills to operate as a lead creator on offense. Bowens is a fantastic athlete that tries to dunk anything in sight. He has a great all-around skillset and knows how to properly utilize it on every possession.


#54- 6’0 ’23 Joshua Green- The strong-bodied post prospect was extremely productive during his first showing of the day. He is slightly undersized for his position, but has great instincts and defensive versatility. Green plays hard and runs the floor with purpose.


#77- 6’2 ’20 Robert Nastase- The sturdy wing prospect made his presence felt quite well throughout this contest. His ability to stretch the floor stood out from the opening tip, as he reliably knocked down shots from the perimeter on a fairly regular basis. He fought hard for rebounds and looked to make the right play at all times.


#92- 6’4 ’23 Jayden “Cowboy” Boyd- The long, athletic forward has been among the most intriguing prospects on display thus far. He’s very polished when operating inside the arc and possesses a blossoming offensive skillset. Boyd is at an excellent crossroads between productivity and long-term potential.


#95- 6’6 ’21 Luke Krawczyk- The post prospect is strong, mobile, and sneakily athletic, which allows him to control the interior on both ends of the floor. He plays hard and runs the floor with purpose. Krawczyk produces at a strong level and has been among the better two-way rebounders thus far.


#1- 4’10 ’24 Zehren Hilton- Though somewhat undersized, Hilton plays with tremendous heart and effort at all times. He’s smart and goes hard on every single possession. Hilton can shoot the ball with great range and makes quality decisions when looking to pass.


#63- 6’1 ’22 Miller Shouse- Though other players have been more exciting, Shouse has easily been among the most productive all-around guys on display. He plays with phenomenal two-way energy and looks to evenly affect all facets of the game. Shouse plays well within himself, taking smart shots, rebounding the ball, and running the floor with purpose.


#66- 6’1 ‘20 Hooks Reaves- The floor general for this team showcased an abundance of quality playmaking skills. He has great vision and caused a ton of problems for the opposition in the open floor. Reaves proved to be a willing passer that made the right play on a regular basis.


#68- 6’1 ’23 Zandae Butler- As an eighth-grader, Butler has a special type of athleticism. He’s big, strong, and very fluid as a perimeter player. He prefers to get downhill and attack the basket, but showed a formidable jumper along the perimeter. Butler has an advanced physical frame and should emerge as one of the top players in his South Carolina class sooner than later.


#30- 5’10 ’21 Charlie Miller- The all-purpose guard was very effective at getting to his spots and making intelligent plays on both ends of the floor. He’s deceptively shifty and possesses a terrific feel for the game. Miller is a knockdown shooter with excellent form and range, but also stands out with his decisiveness as a creator.


#71- 6’2 ’20 Darius Hough- The strong-bodied wing prospect showed the ability to effortlessly get downhill and attack the basket, where he’s able to finish above the rim and through any amount of contact. Hough showed the ability to knock down open shots along the perimeter, but does a nice job of embracing his role and playing with great effort.