Player Standouts at Phenom's Queen City Showcase


Blue Chip Cavs

6'5 '22 Chol Adichol- The long, wiry post prospect arguably possessed the highest upside of anyone from the first set of games. He plays consistently hard and utilizes his length well on both sides of the ball. Adichol ran the floor nicely and was able to score effectively with either hand around the basket. He's somewhat thin, but should be able to add strength and become a very useful rim-protector.


Upward Stars Pee Dee

6'4 '22 De'Andre Huggins- The strong-bodied post prospect was the very active throughout this contest and ended up as the most efficient scorer on either team. He utilizes his body well around the basket to clear out space for rebounds and finishes. Huggins has solid touch with both hands and runs the floor hard in transition.


Carolina Pressure

6'3 '23 Zion Wright- The youngest player on this roster also doubled as their most productive, given the way he generated buckets for himself and others with poise and regularity. Wright affected all facets of the game and showed great unselfishness at all times, which allowed him to highlight his terrific vision quite often. He has an advanced feel for the game and should be one to watch progress, as he could become one of the best in the class.


Upward Stars Riverfront

6'0 '22 Austin Harrell- The guard prospect offered this Upward team an extremely balanced two-way approach and was able to make a pretty strong impact throughout this contest. He handled the ball and created effectively for the team while applying a quality amount of three-level scoring pressure.


Palmetto City Hurricanes

6'4 '22 Christian Ferguson- The long, wiry forward/post prospect showcased a very intriguing skillset on both sides of the ball. He displayed touch around the basket and looked solid when spotting-up and letting it fly from beyond the arc. Ferguson communicates well and is fairly versatile on defense, given his ability to protect the rim and guard the perimeter.


Team Wall

5'10 '22 Carlton Terry- Though the scoring approach for Team Wall was extremely balanced, Terry stood out as the main guy that got that momentum going. He proved to be an excellent three-level scorer with an absolute flamethrower from beyond the arc. Terry communicates very well on both sides of the ball and has a lot of leadership qualities in addition to his nice IQ.


Team CP3

6'5 '23 Marcus Brown- The two-way wing continues to shine as one of the most impressive prospects on this roster. He isn't flashy or particularly eye-popping, but he makes so many positive plays on both sides of the ball. Brown is an exceptional defender with the ability to get deflections, force turnovers, and switch across all positions with relative ease. He has a great blend of size and athleticism, which already makes him a matchup problem for opponents.


WNC Warriors

5'7 '23 Keenan Wilkins- Though somewhat undersized, the point guard prospect highlighted phenomenal vision and passing instincts throughout this contest. He scores decently well from all levels, but typically looks to set up his teammates. Wilkins handles the ball well and plays with an exciting amount of flair on offense.


Upward Stars Pee Dee

5'10 '22 Richard Brooks- The point guard prospect was certainly among the most electric floor generals in attendance, especially given his well-rounded skillset and the ability to utilize it from start to finish. Brooks offers a nice blend of scoring and playmaking, but also plays with a high motor and places quality emphasis on crashing the glass, pushing the break in transition, and making hustle plays whenever possible.


CSB Elite Davis

5'10 '22 Andrew Siler- No player stood out more than Siler in terms of on-ball defense and overall energy level on that end of the floor. He forced numerous turnovers and pushed transition play quite well from start to finish. Siler also proved to be a solid athlete that can penetrate and finish through contact at the basket nicely.


6'0 '22 Ethan Stutts- The two-way wing prospect might not have the most attractive game, but he's incredibly productive and simply refuses to take off any possession. His ability to make the hustle plays stood out tremendously throughout this battle, as he secured numerous second-chance opportunities with frequency. Stutts is also a capable ball-handler with vision and solid penetration skills.

York County Legends

5'10 '23 Kanye Nelson- The two-way guard continues to stand out as one of South Carolina's most impressive young players. He's already a very sophisticated scorer that can single-handedly carry an offense. Nelson scores the ball efficiently on all three levels and has the necessary vision to make plays for others at a quality rate. He has quality length and already has an advanced feel for the game, especially when looking to create and score.


5'4 '23 Kemari Boyd- Though somewhat undersized, the guard prospect was extremely important throughout this battle. He applied excellent pressure from all three levels and did so with absolute relentlessness. Boyd handled the ball effectively and was able to toggle between either backcourt position, given his ability to spot-up along the perimeter. He made numerous scrappy contributions on the defensive side of the ball.


Grindhouse Lakers

6'1 '23 Evan Ashemore- The long, wiry forward prospect has an excellent frame to go with an abundance of natural tools. Ashemore's very versatile and caused a ton of problems for the opposition with his ability to operate as a lead creator. He scored the ball exceptionally well and was able to generate quality shots from all three levels. Ashemore displayed strong vision and did a terrific job of accumulating blocks and steals. He looks likely to continue growing and maximizing his phenomenal two-way upside.


6'8 '22 Brandon White- The upside is obvious with the strong-bodied big man, who is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. He has a great frame and plays with fantastic aggression on both sides of the ball. White has all the tools to become an absolute monster, but has to continue honing his craft and working on his overall identity on offense.


Rod Howard Select

5'9 '22 Koby Poole- The point guard prospect didn't look to score very much throughout this contest, but instead looked to set the floor for his teammates. Poole displayed quality IQ and playmaking skills, quickly reading the floor and making smart decisions more times than not. He has nice vision and can make some crafty passes, especially in transition.


6'5 '22 Jemez Herd- There's so much to like with the forward prospect, who possesses a nice array of guard skills for his size. Herd has phenomenal length and understands how to properly utilize it on both sides of the floor. He has solid touch around the basket and is a capable scorer inside, but typically looks to make plays off the bounce. Herd is a great rebounder and solid all-around defender with massive upside on that end.