Myrtle Beach Christian Academy:

6’2 ’19 Mike Green

The unsigned senior is still one of the most effective and dynamic players available, especially in the state of South Carolina. Green simply excels at putting the ball in the basket–from anywhere on the court—and provides a strong playmaking presence. He’s a smart two-way player that can control the action with relative ease. Green remains an underrated defender and displays numerous leadership qualities with this team.


6’3 ’21 Lawton Fulford

As impressive as Green has been this season, it’s impossible to ignore the nonstop productivity of Fulford, who has arguably been their second most valuable player thus far. In this game, he scored the ball incredibly well and did an excellent job of toggling between guard positions. Fulford handled the ball nicely and showed the ability to create for himself and others throughout this contest. It’s likely that he’ll become the vocal point of this team next season, as he’s looking ready to become a leader.


Trinity Byrnes:

6’0 ’20 Jordan Jones

The lead guard was clearly the most impactful all-around performer for Trinity Byrnes. Jones is the two-way leader of this team and truly leads by example on both ends of the court. He defends with poise and intensity, but also avoids fouling, which typically forces opponents into mistakes and miscues. Jones has a terrific IQ and overall feel for the game; he’s able to pile on points from all three levels and does so with impeccable efficiency. College coaches should start taking note, as Jones is a scholarship-worthy prospect.


Fort Dorchester:

6’2 ’20 Antoine Parker

The main glue-guy for this team is Parker, a high-motor guard that does a strong amount of everything on the court. He handles the ball quite well and does a nice job of setting the table on offense while establishing the tone on defense. Parker is a quality penetrator with the ability to finish through contact. He scores well in transition and made various winning plays during this contest.


6’5 ’21 Mason Grant

There’s a lot to like with Grant, who already possesses an excellent combination of size and skill in addition to his obvious long-term upside. He scored very effectively throughout this contest and was able to take advantage of opponents by utilizing his strength around the basket. Grant’s ability to score on all levels essentially makes him a walking mismatch against most forwards. He’s unselfish and operates exceptionally well within the team concept, placing emphasis on all the little things and working hard on both sides of the ball. Grant has a nice feel for the game and should be a prospect to keep an eye on, especially given his two-way versatility.


Greenville Tech Charter:

5’11 ’21 Jalen Breazeale

The point guard prospect was arguably the most intriguing prospect on display, given the flashes of dominance he showcased during this showing. His play can be somewhat erratic at times, but Breazeale is incredibly crafty and poses huge matchup problems for opposing point guards. He’s blindingly quick and gets by opponents with relative ease through utilization of his sharp ball-handling skills. Breazeale defends with purpose and has an exceptional burst of speed in transition, often zooming past everyone and finishing strong at the basket. His feel and two-way instincts are phenomenal, but he’ll be even better with a more consistent approach. Division I programs should start taking notice, as Breazeale could become a special prospect.


Legacy Early College:

6’10 ’19 Dearon Calhaun-Tucker

The strong-bodied big man is going to be highly coveted over the next few months, given his elite size and unbelievable defensive presence. Offensively, Calhaun-Tucker mainly relies on his strength and athleticism to score around the rim, yet does a phenomenal job of not forcing the action and keeping the ball in motion. He displays decent touch inside the paint and rebounds really well on both ends of the floor. Calhaun-Tucker is an excellent rim-protector that communicates and moves his feet very well in space.


6’8 ’19 Jalyn McCreary

The most intriguing player on this Legacy squad is McCreary, due to his positional size and two-way versatility. He is big, strong, and athletic, yet possesses the ball skills of a guard and enters the paint whenever he desires. McCreary is a terrific finisher and rebounds the ball exceptionally well for his position. Realistically, he’ll be a combo-forward at the next level, but he’s able to seamlessly play four positions at the high school level. McCreary was the most dominant player on either team and should continue accumulating high major offers throughout the season.


United Faith:

6’2 ’20 Ford Cooper

The newest addition to this United Faith team is Cooper, who already looks extremely comfortable controlling the action on both ends of the floor. He’s so fundamentally-sound and displays a remarkable feel for the game, able to truly manipulate opposing defenses on every single offensive possession. Cooper makes excellent reads with the ball in his hands and can thrive at either backcourt position, given his ability to shoot and make plays for others. It’ll be exciting to see his role expand with this United Faith squad, especially given how well he’s already performing.