Team Winston

6’1 ’22 Tyler Ledwell- The long, wiry guard was among the most appealing prospect from the first slate of games, given his productivity and undeniable upside. He sees the floor well and is a capable three-level scorer that should grow in intrigue as he develops strength.


6’4 ’22 Kevonni Campbell- The strong-bodied big man was the most physically-imposing presence on either team, as he fought and outworked every opponent in his path. Campbell rebounded the ball exceptionally well on both ends of the floor and displayed quality touch around the basket.


Phoenix Elite

6’4 ’22 Jordan Pyke- The two-way wing was easily among the most intriguing prospects on the floor, given his size and useful array of guard skills. Pyke can shoot the ball reliably from the perimeter and possesses excellent range on his jumper. He’s crafty with the ball in his hands and displayed phenomenal vision on offense.


NC Wildcats

6’4 ’22 Nayshin Waller- The main big man for this team was also their most productive and versatile all-around threat. He showed the ability to handle the ball, initiate offense, and work inside or outside the paint. Waller rebounded effectively on both ends of the floor and utilized his length properly score around the basket.


Team Felton

6’1 ’23 Alik Lewis- The youngest player on this team was arguably the most polished performer on the court. He generated shots with poise, regularity, and stepped up in a major way in crunch time. Lewis did literally everything for this team, from rebounding to forcing turnovers and pushing transition play, and was a massive part of their success.


6’1 ’22 Kamonte Williams- Though he had some shooting struggles, Williams did a great job of initiating offense and setting the tone on defense. He attacks the basket with relentlessness and rebounds quite well for his position.


Wilmington Excel

5’9 ’23 Samiir Gibbs- The two-way guard has an excellent frame and displayed a quality feel for the game. He operates with a strong motor, attacks the basket hard, and defends his position well. Gibbs has excellent vision and made great decisions with the ball in his hands while not forcing the action on either end of the floor.


Team Thunder

6’1 ’23 Travion Lewis- The most intriguing prospect from this set of games was certainly Lewis, who is just beginning to truly grasp his physical gifts. He plays hard, runs the floor with purpose, and rebounds effectively on both sides of the ball. Lewis showed touch and was able to finish decently well, but will be even better with improve aggression.


Queen City Thunder

5’11 ’23 Coby Jackson- Few players have stood out more than Jackson, especially with their defensive prowess. He’s very long and wiry, but possesses a surprising amount of strength and athleticism, which allows him to guard multiple positions at this level.


6’0 ’23 Jordan Allen- The post prospect has been among the top energy workers on display, operating with a high motor, running the floor, and altering shots around the basket. Allen fights for loose balls/extra possessions and will do anything possible to provide his team with an edge.


Tarheel Elite

6’0 ’23 Julian Crawlys- The wing/forward prospect showcased as much versatility as anyone on display thus far. He has an excellent frame and can score in a variety of different ways. Crawlys attacks the basket well and finishes strong through contact, but is also capable of operating in the post or knocking down the occasional jumper.



5’0 ’26 Isaac Ellis- Though small and playing up two grade levels, Ellis was arguably the most impressive performer on display. He notched ten three-pointers in his first showing of the day and did so with unbelievable efficiency. Ellis made smart decisions with the ball and defends surprisingly well for his size. His ability as a spot-up threat should allow him to make an impact with any group of teammates.


5’8 ’25 Eli Ellis- The older Ellis did a terrific job of complementing his brother and still affecting all facets of the game. He played under control and dictated the action with poise and intelligence from start to finish. Ellis attacked the basket, making plays for himself and others with great regularity, but also showcased his knockdown perimeter jumper and rebounded quite well for his position. He was the main leader of this team and consistently set the tone on defense.


6’1 ’24 Jaylen Cross- The wing prospect was the main glue-guy for this team, as he defended the point of attack on defense and filled in the gaps on offense. He made excellent decisions with the ball in his hands but didn’t necessarily need offensive touches in order to make a quality impact. He has great length and utilizes it well to accumulate deflections.


Team Felton

6’2 ’23 Treymane Parker- Though his athleticism is what most people tend to notice, Parker was arguably the most polished passer and rebounder on either team, especially for a backcourt player. He’s so smart and is capable of truly manipulating opposing defenses with his well-rounded skillset. Parker maintains an extremely calm demeanor and knows how to quietly dominate the opposition with his two-way abilities.


5’5 ’23 Keenan Wilkins- The small-bodied point guard was an integral part of his team’s success in a winning effort. He has an excellent feel for the game and actually understands how to use his lack of size to his advantage. Wilkins has terrific vision and well-rounded playmaking instincts, but can also apply scoring pressure from all three levels. He’s shifty, gets by opponents with relative ease, and makes an abundance of plays within the paint.


Team Rogue

6’5 ’23 Brandon Dufore- Aside from Parker, no player has been more intriguing or impressive than Dufore, who is a walking mismatch and overwhelms opponents on both ends of the floor. He has great size and is very skilled for his position. Dufore rebounds the ball at a high level on both ends of the floor and utilizes his length extremely well. He is already quite productive but possesses an obvious amount of long-term upside.


Fayetteville Flash

6’2 ’22 CeDavion Wimbley- There were moments throughout this contest where it felt like Wimbley was able to simply take over and no one could stop him. He is exciting to watch, as he does a great job of mixing it up and changing his approach based on what the opposition gives him. Wimbley is an electric player with numerous leadership qualities and obvious upside, which should make him a prospect worth monitoring going forward.


Charlotte Supreme

6’4 ’22 Wesley Tubbs- The long, wiry wing was easily one of the most intriguing prospects to enter the building throughout the day. His length and well-rounded array of guard skills are a big part of what makes him so difficult for opponents to contain. Tubbs showcased the ability to get by his man, attack the basket, and finish strong through contact. He could become a special type of prospect with additional strength.


6’1 ’22 Ketron Shaw- The combo-guard was among the most productive and polished performers for either team during this contest. He possesses an excellent feel and well-rounded offensive skillset, which allows him to enter the paint and make plays for himself and others with regularity or step out and efficiently knock down shots from the perimeter. Shaw doesn’t force the action and understands how to get others involved in the action.


Team Felton

6’1 ’23 Alik Lewis- The main reason we are looking at Lewis again is because his phenomenal play deserves recognition. He’s so smart, decisive, and seemingly never makes a bad decision with the ball in his hands. The game clearly comes easy for Lewis and he has continually mixed it up on offense throughout the day. He possesses a pretty-looking jumper and scores at will from anywhere inside thirty feet.


6’5 ’22 Kameron Byrd- The main post prospect for this team also doubled as their hardest worker, as he was willing to do anything possible to provide his team with an edge. Byrd plays within himself, the team concept, and typically only looks to take advantage of easy scoring opportunities around the basket. He fights hard for rebounds and does a nice job of altering shots when protecting the rim.