#16- 5'10 '20 Jordan Coleman- The strong-bodied point guard has been among the top overall performers on display through the first three games. He's smart, athletic, and relentlessly attacks the rim, where he made an abundance of quality reads. College coaches should be getting involved here.


#23- 5'10 '22 Kolby Ashe- There hasn't been a more effective floor general than Ashe, who possesses an excellent feel for the game and makes plays for others with great regularity. He's a capable scorer from all levels, but typically looks to set up others with his craftiness and high-level vision. Ashe doesn't have great size, but rebounds the ball incredibly well and thrives in transition.


#39- 6'2 '22 LeBron Thomas- The young point guard was easily the top prospect in the building today and continues to look like an elite two-way player. He has an exceptional feel for the game and sees the entire floor at all times. Thomas' jumper is still a work in progress, but he's able to finish at the rim with great consistency. He should be regarded as one of the top 2022 prospects in South Carolina.


#44- 6'2 '20 Max Rogers- Few guys have scored the ball with more efficiency than Rogers, who has been getting it done from all three levels and showcasing his ability to toggle between operating with and without the ball. He plays with great decisiveness and makes intelligent/heady decisions with the ball in his hands.


#57- 6'3 '19 Brevin Goodlett- The two-way wing has arguably been the most impressive performer on either court, given his nonstop motor and undeniable toughness. He plays extremely hard and causes problems with his physicality. Goodlett scores the ball effectively and is capable of overwhelming his assignment on defense.


#59- 6'4 '21 Aaron Oates- The long, wiry wing prospect has been among the most polished scorers today and has been able to apply pressure from start to finish. He utilizes his length well when attacking the basket, but is also capable of pulling-up from midrange or knocking down shots from beyond the arc. Oates is pretty crafty and can reliably create scoring opportunities for himself and others.


#68- 6'5 '21 Jacob Morgan- Though somewhat wiry, Morgan seems to always play his game and finds success with basically any group of teammates. He scores efficiently from all three levels and thrives without the ball as a spot-up option, but is also capable of utilizing his length and finishing through contact at the rim.


#75- 6'7 '22 Jake McTaggart- The post prospect has probably been the most intriguing player on display, given his versatility and nonstop motor. McTaggart utilizes his size and strength extremely well to rebound the ball on both ends of the floor. He can handle the ball really well for his position and should be a prospect to keep an eye on going forward.