6’3 ’21 RJ Felton (Aiken)

Through the first half of day one at Phenom Team Camp, no player has even been close to as impressive as Felton. He’s active, electric, and has a very strong two-way presence about him. Felton pursues every possible rebound and loose ball to push transition play, but also looks very comfortable slowing things down and running the show on offense. He created effortlessly for himself and others, but was clearly the most reliable option for this team.


5’10 ’21 Greg Brockington (Ashbrook)

In many ways, Brockington was the primary catalyst for this Ashbrook team, especially given the way he generated offense and carried the load whenever necessary. He’s slightly undersized, but able to effortlessly get by the point of attack through quickness and craftiness with the ball in his hands. Brockington sports legitimate thirty-foot shooting range and utilizes it quite often to assert himself from beyond the arc. He should be a primary leader throughout the upcoming season.


6’5 ’20 James Dotson (Ashbrook)

This Ashbrook squad is going to catch people by surprise, especially when they look to actively utilize Dotson. He’s a long, athletic forward with an intriguing skillset and soft touch on his perimeter jumper. Dotson operates effectively as a floor-spacer or within two to three dribbles. He shows solid timing and anticipation skills on defense, which allows him to switch across multiple positions with relative ease.


6’4 ’22 Logan Blair (Harding University)

The young, fairly versatile forward continues to be the most useful and intriguing prospect on this team. He’s a tough leader that establishes the tone on both ends of the floor through his motor and undeniable productivity. Blair is smart and possesses a solid amount of skill for his position. He’ll be one to watch develop going forward, as he has all the makings of a great two-way player.


6’0 ’20 Antonio Pruitt (West Meck)

The West Meck Hawks play a balanced, hard-nosed brand of basketball, which often starts with Pruitt. He’s a crafty combo-guard that was able to relentlessly attack the basket and finish with finesse or through contact. Pruitt is a great cutter that knocked down multiple jumpers and showed the ability to create for himself or others quite well.


6’3 ’20 Lane Harrill (Cherryville)

The smooth, wiry guard prospect is the obvious leader of this team. Harrill didn’t shoot it like normal in their first contest, but was still able to assert himself as the most productive player on either team. He rebounded the ball consistently and made multiple plays on defense. Harrill amped it up and looked better as the day carried on.


5’0 ’24 Zehren Hilton (Catawba Ridge)

Though very young and somewhat undersized, Hilton continues to stand out as the best player on the Catawba Ridge JV squad. He displays a great feel for the game and knows how to assert himself despite a lack of size. Hilton can really shoot the ball from beyond the arc and has a variety of solid in-between moves. Even as an eighth-grader, he should emerge as a quality contributor this season.


6’1 ’22 Seth Debruhl (Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach)

In many ways, Debruhl is the most appealing prospect on this new-look Christian Academy squad. He’s young and already extremely polished, both with and without the ball in his hands. Debruhl shoots the ball efficiently from the perimeter and displays a smooth penetration game, which allows him to hurt the opposition in a variety of different ways. He also looked quite nice when put in a playmaking role.


6’3 ’20 Dallas Griffin (Marvin Ridge)

The strong, undersized post prospect was easily one of the most reliable performers for this Marvin Ridge group. Griffin plays the short corner perfectly and knows how to position himself nicely for easy buckets. He works hard and secures rebounds on both ends at a consistent rate, which also leads to a ton of second-chance points.