#37- Dylan Deluca- The long, skilled forward/post prospect is very productive and understands how to apply pressure in a variety of different ways. Deluca scores, passes, and handles the ball well for his size while showing his ability to operate inside or out. He’s quite aggressive on defense and possesses strong rim-protecting instincts.


#36- Vincent Bertolini-Felice- It’s easy to see the appeal with the strong-bodied big man, especially given the amount of skill in this stage of his development. Bertolini-Felice is quite versatile on offense and does an impressive job of rebounding and pushing the break on both ends of the floor.


#21- Drew Johnson- Arguably no guard was more impressive than Johnson from the first slate of games. He possesses a high-level blend of scoring and playmaking with craftiness and the ability to touch the paint whenever he desires. Johnson defends quite well and understands how to work without the ball or create for others.


#26- Kai Logan- The strong-bodied guard prospect proved to be an absolutely phenomenal creator throughout the first contest of the game. He made the most intelligent possible decision every single time the ball touched his hands. Logan sees the floor extremely well and makes some truly incredible passes in transition and the half court but can also score as needed.


#35- Brandon Ihle- It was easy to see that Ihle was the clear leader of his camp team, especially on offense. He’s a long, skilled forward with the ability to take bigger opponents off the dribble and work from the post against smaller guys. Ihle is a capable passer and shooter but excels when getting downhill, attacking the basket, and finishing through contact.


#30- DeVaughn Brown- The all-around guard was easily one of the most reliable and productive two-way players in attendance. He has IQ, size, strength, skill, vision, scoring ability, and a nice defensive presence. Brown is a phenomenal leader, especially by example, and approaches both sides of the ball with poise and unselfishness.


#41- Peter Moye- The high-motor post prospect makes an extremely strong impact on both ends of the floor through his rebounding, activity level, and ability to control the interior. He runs the floor well and fights hard to make his presence felt on defense. Moye’s blue-collar approach is something that every team needs to succeed.


#14- Joshua Dorsette- Though slightly undersized, Dorsette has easily been one of the more mature, well-rounded floor generals on display. He positions himself very well on defense and is great at eliminating operating space and forcing turnovers. Dorsette shoots the ball efficiently from the perimeter and possesses quality craftiness when looking to set up his teammates.


#27- Aiden Cook- No player has exemplified the “glue-guy” label more than Cook, who simply does a strong amount of everything while operating within the flow of the team. He scores, passes, rebounds, defends, and makes plays with or without the ball in his hands. Cook might not be flashy about his game, but he’s undeniably productive whenever he’s on the floor.


#17- Jacob Mills- Quite possibly the deadliest spot-up threat in attendance, Mills understands how to make his presence felt quite regularly from beyond the arc. He’s young, wiry, and slightly undersized, but knows his identity as well as anyone and works well within the flow of the offense.