6’5 ’20 Jackson Threadgill (PSB)

Through two games, it’s been clear that Threadgill is the leader of this group, especially with Garrett Hein sidelined. He’s the epitome of solid, always playing his game and making plays but never doing anything crazy or outside of his abilities. Threadgill consistently stands out with his three-level scoring and, more specifically, his ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter.

6’6 ’21 Ja’Dun Michael (Team Loaded)

As talented as this Loaded team is, Michael was easily their most reliable performer this morning. He’s big, strong, smart, versatile, and playing up an age group, which makes his impact even more impressive. Michael knows how to create a quality shot, for himself or others, out of little to nothing, and works quite well as a primary offensive option. He rebounds well and can defend multiple positions on defense.

6’4 ’21 Christian Cornish (CC Elite)

The strong-bodied wing continues to stand out as one of the more impressive, yet somewhat unknown prospects from the Charlotte area. Cornish has been exceptional every time we’ve seen him and today was no different, given the way he led the team in basically all statistical categories while showcasing a next-level skillset. He’s smart, strong, and able to assert himself as a scorer from anywhere on the floor.

5’10 ’23 Trey Green (Team Charlotte)

Relative to age group, few guys have been as exciting as Green. In terms of point guards, he’s been one of the clear best. Green displays such an advanced feel for the game, understanding how to get everyone involved within the offense while applying nonstop scoring pressure. Opponents are forced to defend him as soon as he crosses half-court, given how unbelievably well he shoots it from distance. It’ll be very entertaining to see him at the high school ranks.

6’5 ’21 Quenton Flood (Upward Stars)

No player on display has affected the game more, especially without needing to score, than Flood. There’s a lot to get excited about, seeing as he checks all the boxes, both physically and in terms of skill, to end up playing high-level collegiate basketball. Flood possesses such a phenomenal motor and overall nose for the ball, which simply leads to a ton of transition play and buckets on fast breaks. It’s still just the beginning, as Flood will only continue to elevate his stock over these next two years.

6’6 ’20 Justin Amadi (Upward Stars)

This Upward Stars team has a ton of talent, but Amadi is arguably the most underrated of the group. He’s a strong, physical wing prospect that can handle the ball, create well off the bounce, and assert himself as a glue-guy. Amadi will be incredibly productive at Dorman and fits perfectly with their current personnel. It would be surprising if he didn’t collect another five or so offers over the coming months.

6’5 ’21 Chase McDuffie (Carolina Pressure)

Few teams have been as committed to playing hard than the Carolina Pressure, which often starts with McDuffie. It’s somewhat shocking that he hasn’t picked up more offers this spring, given how well he’s led this group along the way. McDuffie is an absolute bucket-getter that can really fill it up in a hurry, especially from midrange and beyond. His scoring arsenal is quite lethal, but he’s also shown the ability to defend, rebound, and create for others quite effectively.

5’8 ’22 Maleec Myers (WBC Elite)

Though younger, it was apparent that Myers was one of the most mature players on the court. He approaches the game with a calm demeanor and understands how to play the right way, especially on offense. Myers consistently sets the floor for his teammates and is a reliable playmaker that takes care of the ball. He is a capable scorer, but rarely forces the action, and does a nice job of outworking his assignment on defense.

5’11 ’21 Kris Robinson (Team Charlotte)

Team Charlotte has looked quite fantastic throughout the day, especially when the ball is in Robinson’s hands. He has hit basically everything attempted from beyond the arc and just knows how to apply scoring pressure within the flow of the game. Robinson handles the ball and creates well for himself or others off the dribble.