#5- Jalen Mills- No player has worked harder than Mills, who genuinely gives maximum effort on every possession. He’s a true team-first guard that looks to make hustle plays, but is also capable of making the extra pass to open teammates. Mills is the type of player that every coach can utilize.


#17- Kaedon Porter- There’s a lot to like with Porter, who is an extremely smooth, skilled, intelligent two-way guard. He possesses major long-term upside, but already shows flashes of dominance on both sides of the ball. Porter is crafty and able to reliably create for himself or others, which allows him to highlight his vision and three-level scoring prowess with regularity.


#18- Dawson Esbrandt- Though somewhat unassuming, Esbrandt offered his team with a smooth, steady presence throughout the day. He’s an excellent three-point shooter with the ability to take defenders off the bounce and make plays for others. Esbrandt makes a strong defensive impact and has a natural team-first approach with the ball in his hands.


#35- Quay Watson- The big, strong-bodied guard was easily among the most intelligent playmakers and overall decision-makers on display. Watson has incredible vision, both in transition and the half-court, and was able to apply nonstop scoring pressure from all three levels. He utilizes his body very well to absorb contact, secure rebounds, and finish at the basket.


#49- Cameron Milton- The long, strong-bodied wing/forward showcased a tremendous amount of two-way versatility during camp. He has great size to pair with his guard skills and excellent finishing ability. Milton is a quality rebounder and all-around defender, which allows him to affect all facets of the game quite easily.


#50- Bryson Heath- Perhaps no player possesses more polish than Heath, who has been getting downhill and making intelligent decisions all camp long. He possesses a physically-advanced frame and utilizes it extremely well on both ends of the floor. Heath attacks the basket at will and finishes nicely through contact. He offers an unselfish playmaking sense and scores the ball very efficiently from all three levels.


#51- Bryce Cox- The long, wiry wing/forward prospect has an excellent blend between skill and athleticism. He’s extremely fast and difficult to contain in the open floor, but also can dissect the opposing defense in the half-court set quite effectively. Cox handles and passes the ball well while providing a terrific defensive presence at all times.


#54- Kaden Hammond- The appeal should be fairly obvious with Hammond, who has size, skill, athleticism, rebounding intensity, and strong defensive prowess. He’s only going to continue to get better over time, but already has the necessary two-way presence to make a phenomenal impact at the high school level.