Player Standouts at Hartsville High School Classic

6’5 ’23 Jehqwauyn Hilton (Manning)

There were a lot of intriguing players on this Manning roster, but none more than Hilton. He’s a long, wiry, young forward/post prospect that displays quality touch around the basket. Hilton is a solid passer that looks fairly comfortable stepping out and knocking down the open jumper. He utilizes his length well and runs the floor hard in transition. There’s already a lot to like with his physical tools and overall upside, especially at his young age. 

6’0 ’20 Adrian Jirau (Combine Regional)

It was an extremely balanced effort for Combine Academy, given that they only had five active players, and Jirau was arguably their most consistent playmaker and perimeter shooter. He handled the ball well and created as necessary but also showed reliable spot-up tendencies along with a nice pull-up jumper. Jirau made smart decisions with the ball in his hands and offered great energy on the defensive end of the floor. 

6’2 ’21 Troy Fulton (Lincoln Charter)

There were many strong contributors for Lincoln Charter but Fulton was clearly the player that put this contest out of reach. His ability to consistently hit three-pointers shined from start to finish, as he was easily the most lethal spot-up threat on the floor. Fulton has excellent mechanics and a quick release, forcing the opposition to pay him constant attention—even without the ball. 

6’9 ’22 Bessanty Saragba (Trinity Byrnes) 

Through two games, Saragba has easily been the most enticing long-term prospect in attendance. He has an incredibly appealing frame with great length, fluidity, and a fairly active two-way motor. Saragba is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term skill level but already looks quite comfortable finishing around the basket. It’ll be exciting to see his continued growth over the next few years. 

6’6 ’20 Kahari Rogers (Liberty Heights)

This Liberty Heights roster is absolutely loaded with scholarship-worthy prospect but Rogers’ recruitment remains incredibly perplexing. He only holds two offers but has the tools and ability to succeed at various mid and high-major college programs. Rogers is a lethal shooter but does a great job of involving himself in all facets of the game. He’s a great defender with length, quickness, and the ability to jump into passing lanes to force turnovers quite regularly. 

6’4 ’20 Kalib Matthews (Henderson Collegiate)

Henderson Collegiate has become something of a common theme at our events this winter, and it feels like Matthews just continues to get better with each new viewing. Already an incredible steal for Queens, Matthews has gotten stronger and more polished over the last few months. He’s maintained his impressive shooting prowess while adding more creation off the bounce, making him extremely difficult for opposing wings to contain. 

6’7 ’21 Ben Burnham (Carmel Christian)

Few players on this roster have been more impressive and consistently productive than Burnham, who possesses an excellent blend of inside-out skills. It catches folks by surprise, but he’s an incredible athlete that can finish through contact or rise up and finish above others. Burnham doesn’t necessarily require offensive touches or plays ran for him, as he seems to naturally find his way around the ball. He’s an exceptional rebounder that knows how to make his presence felt in transition. 

6’6 ’21 TJ Sanders (Marion)

No team in attendance played harder than Marion, and Sanders was a massive part of their success. He’s a big, strong-bodied forward prospect with quality size, skill, and the ability to play inside or outside the paint. Sanders possesses a high IQ and understands how to exploit mismatches extremely well. He utilizes his body quite well around the basket to clear out space, secure rebounds, and make crisp outlet passes in transition.