Liberty Heights:

6’4 ’20 Christian Koonce

One could argue that Koonce was Liberty Heights’ most important contributor during their contest against Greenville Tech Charter. He scored the ball very efficiently from all levels and made one big shot after another when they desperately needed it. Koonce was especially lethal from beyond the arc and was able to get downhill or spot-up effectively. He also showed the ability to rebound and contain his assignment defensively.


6’5 ’20 Asher Francis

In the first showing of the day, Francis was able to impact the game in various different ways, despite lacking true size down low. He’s big, strong, and possesses a terrific understanding of his individual skillset, which is part of what allows him to overwhelm opponents. Francis embraces doing the little things and rebounds the ball really well on both ends of the floor. He has great touch around the basket and utilizes his strength nicely to score from within the paint.


Greenville Tech Charter:

5’8 ’21 Jalon Robertson

Though somewhat small, Robertson plays with big heart and was the most impressive performer from either team. He’s a guard prospect that did an excellent job of finding his shot and applying scoring pressure from start to finish. Robertson shot the ball exceptionally well from beyond the arc, both off the catch and dribble, and was able to get to the line and convert free-throws at a strong rate. He’s a fiery competitor that makes scrappy contributions on defense.


Goose Creek:

6’2 ’20 Jamel McGowan

The long-bodied guard prospect played a major role in Goose Creek’s win today, leading all scorers and showing the ability to score from all over the floor. McGowen is at his best when spotting-up and knocking down perimeter shots, but can also drive into the teeth of the defense and finish strong through contact. If he’s able to maintain his level of consistency, this team will be difficult to beat.


6’4 ’19 Anthony Wheeler

The most important role player for Goose Creek was Wheeler, who showcased a nice amount of versatility and toughness throughout this contest. He typically plays out of position and does a great job of manning the middle. Wheeler was able to defend and contain four positions quite well, able to actively toggle between the paint and perimeter whenever necessary.


Trinity Byrnes:

6’3 ’19 Nick Jones

The glue-guy of this Trinity Byrnes team is definitely Jones, who simply understands how to constantly affect various different facets of the game. He possesses nice positional size and is able to score effectively inside the arc. Jones is tough and absorbs contact well when fighting for rebounds or second-chance opportunities. He handles and passes the ball well for his size while maintaining a quality level of unselfishness.


Myrtle Beach Christian Academy:

6’6 ’19 Davis Guyton

The big-bodied post prospect is known for his scoring and ability to stretch the floor, but it was his emphasis on everything else that stood out today. Guyton rebounded the ball very well and worked hard on defense throughout this contest. He did a solid job of protecting the rim, despite not being a vertically explosive athlete. Guyton was still able to make his presence felt from beyond the arc in the second half, but didn’t necessarily need to score to impact the game.


6’2 ’19 Mike Green

It’s difficult to walk away from this game feeling anything other than pure astonishment with how dominant Green performed. It took a little time, but he heated up and was simply unstoppable on offense. Green handled the ball well and consistently created opportunities for himself and others through utilization of his craftiness. He effortlessly scored the ball from all three levels and dismantled the opposing defense whenever he attacked. Green is the clear leader of this team and is expected to break the 2,000-point mark within the coming days.


Fort Dorchester:

6’5 ’19 Latrell Marshall

The big man prospect for Fort Dorchester was certainly among their top two-way performers during this game. He’s somewhat undersized, but plays extremely tough and utilizes his strength exceptionally well to clear out space around the basket. Marshall displays decent tough and scores well inside the paint. His length and aggression play a major role in his approach on both ends of the floor.