Great Bridge Christian:

5’11 ’19 Kenari Jones

The point guard prospect is one of the more intriguing unsigned players on this team, especially given the significance of his role. He’s a clever ball-handler with craftiness and solid playmaking instincts. Jones enters the paint quite often and shows the ability to make plays for himself and others. He’s a solid three-level scorer that utilizes his quickness well on both ends of the floor.


6’10 ’19 Deandre Wilkins
The Wagner commit continues to look better and better with this Great Bridge Christian squad, maintaining great communication and two-way leadership qualities throughout every contest. He’s so strong and powerful around the basket, which allows him to overwhelm most opposing big men with relative ease. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs at the next level, especially with how rapidly he’s improved over the last calendar year.


Asheville Christian:

6’7 ’21 Tre’lin Harper

The strong-bodied big man looks more comfortable after each showing with this Asheville Christian team. He’s a well-rounded athlete that plays with great aggression on both sides of the ball, especially when pursuing rebounds. He’s somewhat undersized, but surprisingly bouncy, and is capable of playing above the rim quite often.



6’5 ’19 Omar Croskey

The long-bodied wing prospect continues to be the most productive all-around performer for Sumter and it’s not close. He’s such a gifted three-level scorer that is capable of filling it up on offense. Croskey is unselfish, but won’t pass up an easy scoring opportunity when available. That being said, he’s able to do everything on the floor and could vault himself into the Division I ranks, especially if he continues dominating on both sides of the ball.


6’4 ’19 Qwaleek Jones

The long, wiry forward fills an excellent energy role for this Sumter team, especially in the absence of their star player. He’s an impactful defender that can actively switch across three or four positions on defense and outrebound whoever he’s guarding. Jones looks able to continue adding strength and could be able to play basketball at the next level.


Heathwood Hall:

6’4 ’20 Isaiah Caldwell

There’s a lot to like with the combo-guard, who was the main offensive force for Heathwood Hall. He’s a long, athletic player that can consistently create scoring opportunities for himself and others with relative ease. Caldwell scores effectively from all three levels, but understands how to balance attacking and playmaking. He’s a quality defender that accumulates deflections, blocks, and steals pretty regularly.


Ridge View:

6’0 ’19 Walyn Napper

The combo-guard continues to play a vital role for this powerhouse Ridge View team. He offers a nice balance of passing and scoring, and possesses a strong level of craftiness in both areas. Napper is a big-time football player, but can also overwhelm opponents on the hardwood with his two-way tenacity and phenomenal team-first approach. He provides a certain energy that seems to electrify his teammates on both ends of the floor. Napper scores efficiently from all levels and is capable of making plays on defense as well.


6’2 ’19 JaVon Anderson

The all-purpose forward does a great job of utilizing his strength and making his presence felt on both ends of the floor. He’s an energy guy for this team that can enter the game and immediately provide toughness as a defender and rebounder. Anderson has a strong frame for his height and can defend multiple positions with his size.


Christ Church:

5’8 ’24 DJ Harvey

There’s no doubt that this team belongs to John Butler, but it’s nice to see seventh-grader DJ Harvey already making contributions on varsity. He’s a small, scrappy guard prospect that handles the ball and looks to create havoc however possible. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops going forward, as he’s already getting an abundance of repetitions.



6’3 ’19 Ray O’Neal

Nobody on either team was able to outwork or provide more energy than O’Neal, who genuinely looks to get after it on every possession. He’s somewhat of an all-purpose player, but maintains a strong level of unselfishness and always operates within the team concept. O’Neal embraces his role as well as anyone and makes his presence felt as a rebounder on both ends of the floor. He’s tough and consistently takes a beating while on the court, so one could argue that he’s as valuable as any role player on this team.


6’0 ’19 Alvin Cuffie

In the backcourt alongside Hannibal is Cuffie, who does a terrific job of knocking down shots and supplying Hartsville with a quality secondary scorer. He’s able to operate off the dribble, entering the paint and making plays for others with regularity. Cuffie handles the ball a lot for this team and should continue to be among their main contributors going forward.


Ben Lippen:

6’3 ’19 Jack Wegren

The power forward for this team has a pretty unique skillset, given his quality length and ability to play inside-out whenever necessary. He plays with a calm demeanor, but does an excellent job of fighting for rebounds and competing on defense. Wegren has a nice amount of skill and showed the ability to handle the ball and create his own shot when necessary.